Help identifying insulation

I have seen this often in older homes. I thought it was about time to positively identify it. My web search brought up a balsom / redwood bark product…Possibly an r-value of 1. It is a reddish brown fiberous material, very fine and dusty. I wish I had taken a better pic, but this is an after thought scraped from my boot. It is flamable so any flame resistance that may have been applied is no longer working. Can somebody confirm or deny what this is?

Insulation small.JPG

Sample 2.jpg


It kind of looks like Silva insulation (treated wood) but seems a bit too fine for that. :-k

080123-01 112.jpg


Hard to tell from the pictures.

True, the pics are poor. Even the sample was poor. But it’s all I had. The bulk of the insulation has longer fibers about 3/8-1/2 long with some larger slivers of what appeared to be wood. It really doesn’t appear to be sawdust. The sample from my boot was very fine…it does burn, even when a flame is pulled away it continues to burn, so fire resistant, it is not. I think I am still going with the balsom/wood or redwood bark thought. Thanks for your input.

Pretty cool. I have never seen this stuff before. Check the link below. I think its the same. Good call Gerald.

Thanks, Rodney. I found that same website as well. It appears to have been poured in or in a batt. R-1 for insulating value though…I suppose if you were to add 30" …not to mention that it would make good kindling. LOL