What type of panel is this?

If this is a sub panel, I see no meter on the exterior of the entire building what so ever. This is a condo unit built in 1974. This panel also does not look like a split bus panel. I did not remove the panel cover because the paint was laid on really thick an didnt want to cut the wall. I know its not much to go on, but what are your thoughts?

It is a 888 sq ft condo unit

Do you have a photo with the dead front cover off?

He stated he did not remove the cover.

Never mind guys. I’m blind as hell. I don’t know how I missed that meter. The main panel is at the meter. Sorry to bother you

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David Wigger, CMI

    January 12

Do you have a photo with the dead front cover off?

I should have read the entire question. It’s like I see the picture and stop reading. :flushed:

I cut every caulked or painted panel cover loose. The electrician that comes behind you needs to if he’s going to followup. At least document it as a defect if you can’t open it.

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Me to!..

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Yep here she is. I guess I didn’t go all the way to the back corner of the building.

Same… :smile:

One owner was on me the whole inspection. So I gave hime a job to do. Please cut this panel cover loose so I can inspect it.

He did all right! When I got there, a 6" x 4’ swath of drywall paper came off with the cover… LOL! :rofl:

So, take your time with a sharp blade and make sure it is cut all the way through.

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Thats my fear. Tearing the wallpaper or leaving cut marks where they aren’t supposed to be. And then, the time it takes to do it. What is the best method?

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A chainsaw with a 48" bar. :joy: :rofl: :flushed:

Maybe you misses that. I carried a pack of new utility knife blades with me in my bag. :smiley:

Oh, ok, thanks

Sure, James! Anytime. :smile:

Exactly why I don’t ever cut panel covers off/loose!!

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I cut every cover loose regardless. Would you want to pay for an inspection on your house to an inspector who never looked at the inside of the panel? Oh I suppose it’s ok to have #8 main conductors for a 200 amp panel. Slap me with a splintered ruler.

Loser ! Yep! :innocent:

Perhaps… but I’ve never seen the inside of a courtroom (24+ years), so ‘WINNING’!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Neither have I and have been doing it way longer than you…
All you need is one of these…

Your still a yankee sissy! … :rofl:

JJ don’t you want to come out and play? LOL