Would you remove this cover?

Would you remove this cover?





Just write it up from what is seen and let the electrician who installs the proper equipment decide what he should do when he gets inside.

Yes I would.

With PPE on.

Jeff, did you?

We’ll discuss that later. . . :wink:

Curiosity killed the cat.

You could inspect the main first and see if a breaker was available to turn it off.

Not everyones cup of tea though.

Yes With protection on . After i tested the surface .

Here is the service panel.





well just a few spaces to fill and isn’t that one of those good panels? I see nooooooooooo problem . ( just kidding)

Well, I certainly wouldn’t advise anyone to remove a cover if they feel it may be unsafe, but I did remove this one. As it turns out, it was another FPE panel.



I doubt I’d take the cover off. The cover by itself means it needs an electrician to service it. Why take any risk at all???

I don’t even know what it is since it’s labeled “sub panel.” What the heck is a sub panel? :wink:

Exactly how I would handle it.

…and, after taking the sheet metal covering off by removing the drywall screws, the next question is…would you put them back?

I keep extra panel screws with me.:slight_smile:

Do you keep extra panel covers as well?

I keep a tiny Electrician in the back of the truck to fix things during the inspection. He gets along with the tiny foundation and roofer guys. However the tiny plumber had to be let go he showed crack.

In a way, Wayne makes a good point. (not sure if you meant it that way)

Where do you stop? Do you replace the TPRV if it’s faulty? Do you replace or repair a vent boot if it’s cracked? Do you install a ground rod if one is missing and is required? Do you properly rebuild the deck if it’s not supported correctly?

Point is, if you repair one defect - they may expect you to repair them all. Even a small one like improper panel cover screws.

Sorry if that offends you in some way.:roll:

More likely you have cards that say “George Bush did this” to put on every defect you find.:shock: