What type of roof

Is this a DPDM roof? The material is a thick rubbery type similar to a pool liner. I have only seen one of these before and the house it was on the owner did not know what it was.

No help from anyone? Where’re all of our NACHI roofers?

I don’t even know what DPDM stands for, so I’m useless here.

Could be EPDM

Could be EPDM like Brian says or PVC, PIB or TPO or maybe even Sprayed Poly Foam. Take a look at http://www.roofhelp.com/choices/epdm/ for some more information.

Saw a lot if info, on the roofhelp site, but no pics. Pictures help so much. I specialize in shingles, so don’t know a lot about the flat products. But I think epdm is usually black and heat weld is white.

Would it be possible that a product as an Acrylic Coating as used by Firestone.??

Application of AcryliTop extends the life of the roof, and it also offers various levels of reflectivity depending on the color. Firestone’s White AcryliTop exceeds the minimum initial and aged reflectance requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency"s Energy Star program by over 25 %

It looks like an EPDM roof, so this is the only logic I can come up with because of the Geographic area.