Name that roofing material?

I have never seen this kind of roofing material. Can anyone tell me what it is. It was soft and spongy in spots.



Pictures are way to small to see any kind of detail. Try resizing them and repost and you might be able to get an answer.

I’ll guess EPDM.

Soft and spongy might lead me to think that it is an insulated BUR or something along the lines they use on commercial roof coverings. I wold really need better pictures and more of a description of what the materila looked like in order to give you any advice. All I can see in the pictures is that it is white. There are all kinds of roofing materials that this could be. There are EPDM (Rubber), Mod Bit with refective covering, 90 lb felt (Not the best on flat roofs), BUR with agrigate, just to name a few.

this looks like foam with a urethane coating

the soft and spongy spots are air bubbles under the foam

the bubbles are usually caused from water getting under the foam or holes in coatings

Is that white?
or painted silver.

It looks like a roof that I walked on several years ago (I can still count on one hand the number of roofs I’ve walked on since October 2001) which was foam with a urethane coating.

I would post the picture, but I don’t know how to use this new system for posting pictures.

appears to be a coated SPF

It looks like snow to me.