What type of siding

I am wondering what type of siding this is or what it is called. It is not metal or vinyl. It appears to be some sort of wood/paper stuff. Yes and I know it is moisture damaged, just want to know what to call it. Do not see it here much Anyone have a clue. Thanks

Picture 046.jpg

Picture 048.jpg

looks like Masonite to me…

correction… Masonite is a brand. Fiberboard is more accurate.

Possibly some brand of Fiberboard.



Hardboard siding.

Hardboard siding is made from a mixture of wood fibers, wax and resin. These materials are heat-treated and pressed together to form panels that resemble wood, giving them a uniform appearance of wood without the defects such as knots or raised grain. The composite wood product can be manufactured to resemble traditional, crafted siding elements for a lower cost than real wood. Today’s hardboard siding is engineered with improved termite and moisture resistance.

Siding Information

Looks like “pressed hardboard” siding. A lot of it was used in the '70s and '80s and into the '90s

Works fine until and when the moisture gets to it.
A lot of it is junk by now in my area.



Same here Mike. It doesn’t stop the so called “siding experts” from putting vinyl right over top of the moist fiber or hardboard.

LP siding

Definitely is not LP siding. Definitely is hardboard siding.

Best place I’ve found to identify specific siding is: http://www.sidingsolutions.com/pages/sidingid.htm
(Note: some of the links on that website are no longer valid but most are and the photos help a lot as well)

Found this that may help also.

http://www.claimsourceone.com/images/quotes_more.gif**How To Identify Damaged Hardboard Siding **

Homeowners Quiz
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

A quick quiz for homeowners

Most homeowners don’t think they have a problem, because they haven’t taken the time – or don’t know how – to properly examine their hardboard siding.
Qualifying damage may not be visible to the untrained eye, and many homeowners are unfamiliar with the court-approved damage protocols and inspection procedures. Without a professional evaluation, you could miss your opportunity to receive a fair settlement.

ClaimSource One has identified and evaluated more than 75,000 properties over the last five years and found that most had some type of qualifying damage. We can help you start the claim process today with a brief inspection that takes less than 15-20 minutes.

Some of these photos are shown in very advanced stages of deterioration. Your hardboard siding does not have to look as bad as the photo examples in order to qualify for compensation.

Take the time to review this checklist. If you answer “yes” to one or more of these questions – or are unsure about any of them, call ClaimSource One and let one of our trained inspectors evaluate your property.

http://www.claimsourceone.com/images/damage_photos/1_thumb.jpgStart by finding unexposed, undamaged pieces of siding. For example, choose a board that is under an overhang (most likely, undamaged). Notice the good condition. Compare this against the weather-exposed areas around the house.
http://www.claimsourceone.com/images/damage_photos/2_thumb.jpgIs the drip edge, or bottom edge of the siding, swelling or cracking?http://www.claimsourceone.com/images/damage_photos/3_thumb.jpgIs there swelling and peeling at the joints where boards are joined together?
http://www.claimsourceone.com/images/damage_photos/4_thumb.jpgDoes the siding swell around the nail heads to the extent that the nails look sunk in?
http://www.claimsourceone.com/images/damage_photos/5_thumb.jpgAre any pieces of the siding deteriorating? Pay close attention to boards that are closest to the ground.
http://www.claimsourceone.com/images/damage_photos/6_thumb.jpgDo the boards buckle and appear to be warped?
http://www.claimsourceone.com/images/damage_photos/7_thumb.jpgIs there fungal growth on the drip edge of the siding?
http://www.claimsourceone.com/images/damage_photos/5_thumb.jpgIs your paint peeling and flaking and is it difficult to get paint to stick to your siding?

Hope this helps a little.

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