What would this be rated as on the 1802?

I ran into this today on a home I inspected.

Other…this will most likely get kicked back if you label it as anything else. Underwriters will say this is not a RTW connection if submitted as shown, so dig deeper.

The first picture in the first post is of the top of the roof attached to the wall. The second two pictures are where the roof attaches to the concrete wall.

Could be a concrete beam that ledger is fastened to. You have not shown that this is an exterior wall with UPLIFT connectors. Strap hangers are for download, not uplift.

That’s a cute installation.

Do you have an exterior photo of the condition shown ?

Are inspectors now scared to make a decision? Make a decision based on your inspection and be honest, work hard, even the greatest minds have made mistakes.

It was just a simple question.
Here is a picture of the front of the home. It is a duplex. The concrete wall is the center dividing wall between the units.

Toe nail.