Roof to wall attachment?

Just curious how my fellow wind mit inspectors would handle this recent RTW retrofit job on the 1802. I have already completed the report. All responses are welcome.

Looks like toenail from here.


That would be a single soffit scab wrap. :):mrgreen:

Damit Marcel ! That would be the answer…Huh ? LOL!

I agree Marcel, that answer should be on the form. I think we all know that retrofit is FUBAR, but what would you actually put on the 1802 and captions for the photos?

Oh! Hell! We all are crazy !
However, I have to admit he comes the closest to the explanation…Huh?

Captions on the photos?

That Is Not Required.

The folks who look at the photos should know what they are looking at.

I guess photo captions would be included on your “Premium” reports, huh.:mrgreen:

I’ve already stated what I was looking at, so maybe you could elaborate as to what we are all looking at in your view.
Always ready to learn.

Then what are you lookin’ at with that idiotic sum of nails?

Maybe but I doubt it. The premium inspections features will be for the clients benifit not the person in the insurance company. But I may include free explanations to them via the phone. Good idea.

Whats the wood block attached to?

That is the $100 question. It looks like it is attached to the strap.

The side of the rafters…that’s the problem. There is no rafter to wall connection there. Builder doing the work is going to get spanked.

Mikey !
You do state the proper elevations…? Huh ?

And the width of the wood or “blocking” as per 1802.

I would likely post here to see what all though before I rushed to a judgement or call a few of the guys I actually respect in the insurance inspection business.

That really doesn’t change things does it.:stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe it will help hold the roof together as one when it blows off.

Could you repeat that in English please?:wink:

I ain’t catchin’ your drift .
Are you saying that is correct? And acceptable?

It’s Floridian.
Sry only those who deal with the 1802 will understand :frowning: