what would you charge?

I have a 1972 ranch home that has been converted into 4 seperate units. 2 upstairs and 2 in the basement. each unit has 1 bd, 1bth, livingroom and a kitchen.

How would you quote this and why?

This is my first multi-unit.

thanks P

At first thought, I’d rate it as a 4-Plex, since you mentioned its been broken up into 4 units. But…
Are the units “condos”, or apartments?
And do they each have their own HVAC/Electricals? or a shared utilities?
All that would factor in to how I would have to inspect, and how much I’d have to inspect…

What’s the square footage? How many HVAC units? How many electric panels? How much time to inspect and how easy is access to all units? Are they occupied or vacant? I consider all these factors before I would quote a price.

the listing states that the sqft 900 up and 700 down. I would have to assume that the utilities are shared or included. They are apartments.

Lets see, 700 + 900 = 1600 sq.ft. and you did say this was a 1972 built home, correct?
If a single HVAC and Water Heater for the whole place,
then about $400 ought to cover it.
If more than a single of each, then another $50 per item, for about $500 for the building.
But thats just me…:stuck_out_tongue:


700 & 900 sf each unit?.. otherwise that would seem tiny to get two units out of 700 sf… assuming 3200 sf total and i would try to get some more info if not a look at the property, but i could imagine our fee would be in the 499-549 range…

$475.00 with Termite inspection

Raised or slab foundation system?
Number of garages?
Number of out buildings or structures?
Number of attics?
Number of HVAC systems?
Square footage?

$325 base unit plus $150 for each additional unit. 4 separtate units. No diferent then a standard 4-plex. Total $775.