What would you say?

1963 Bungalow. The foundation wall had a major horizontal crack and steel bracing was installed. On the opposite foundation wall(gable ends)The concrete and parging is gone. Main beam exposed to the elements.
The beam pocket and beam are tightly fitted. Crack in stucco directly above. No cracks evident below beam. There is a seperation wall in the basement directly under the beam. The wall is fixed and not floating. What narrative would you use. I am still writing the report. I basically said what I just wrote and to hire a professional etc. Any comments appreciated.


Further evaluation and correction from a basement specialist…

Off page FWIW:

The exposed concrete/aggregate looks fragile.

Is that reddish mark an indication of rust?

The stucco has gone down into grade thereby creating the possibility of capillary action (wicking). Best practice (& many codes) requires the stucco, or any other wall covering, to stop short of grade - typically, 6" above grade.

Are you talking about the parging over the foundation?
Parging on the foundation to below grade is common. I would guess that the stucco cracked led water to a possible hair line crack in the foundation caused by a tight beam pocket then the water froze and expanded. Opposite wall was under compression and tension.