Cracks structural or aesthetic problem?

Hi Everyone,

Wondering if anyone can shed light on the ‘seriousness’ of these horizontal cracks above the basement windows. The crack also follows a similar path around the majority of the perimeter around the home just above (behind) the siding.

The siding was replaced in the last couple years and I was wondering if maybe something was done incorrectly with that install. The house was built in 1971 so I understand that some of the parging flaking off is normal but wondering if this is something that should be a major or minor concern. I did not notice any other concerns that would relate to the problem with regards to the integrity of the home, heating, moisture intrusion, etc. All appears good except for those cracks

Might be a bit of a dumb question, but I appreciate any help provided. Also, if anyone knows the best course of action to address the problem, that would be great too.


Welcome John! No dumb questions asked here…well maybe sometimes, but your’s isn’t.
From here in Jawja, it appears that a decorative parge concrete/mortar coat was applied over the concrete foundation. It looks like it’s only the parge coat that is cracking and breaking away at this point. Mostly cosmetic, but should be sealed and repaired to prevent water seepage behind causing more damage down the road.


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the quick response and the warm welcome!

Good to hear it’s mostly cosmetic. That’s what I initially suspected, but wanted to make sure.

Appreciate it!

Yep I concur with the gentleman in Jawja.:point_up_2:


Welcome to the MB @jmanseau , don’t be afraid to ask questions around here, the natives don’t bite too hard,… usually.:wink:


That Jawja boy’s smart. That is the way I see it also.
Where is the house located?

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Thanks again for all the input fellas!

House is located in majestic Northern Alberta, Canada

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For a moment I thought it was CMU:

From your photos I see loose parging. Since the parging may be hiding other foundation issues just state the foundation wall was not visible.

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In my house The top of the pillar is stuccoed and there are some hairline cracks in it. To the right of the pillar is an upper basin and waterfall feature. No cracks were observed in the foundation wall from within the basement. I’m thinking that water may have gotten into the column from the top (rain) or from the side (water basin) thru a shrinkage crack and frozen. Could it also potentially be pent-up casting stresses that just decided to “let loose”?

That’s for sure, Randy.