What's a ledger board?

The joist hangers are nailed right to the wood siding, even at the cantilever.

I guess asking for a ledger flashing would be out of the question huh!:):wink:

I had this one a month ago and the deck was passed by the AHJ.

Whiting 026.jpg

Yes, Picture. ?:wink:

:p:p:shock:I edited the post to add the picture. Dam your hard on a guy!!

Here is one to add! You notice anything missing?

Is Marcel bullying the board again?:roll:

I was wondering where I left my pocket knife…


Thanks nice picture. :wink:

Hey Marcel do you see anything wrong since Christopher did not?

Ledger Bolts?

Bingo only nails however if they fell it would be only 5 feet.:smiley:

That is the#1 thing I find wrong with decks. The AHJ never calls it up and the carpenters around here don’t do it. I must admit that I did not know it was code until a few years ago so I was also putting people at risk without knowing it. I have done inspections where the AHJ was there in the morning to inspect the deck and passes it and then I show up in the afternoon and catch s##t from the seller and the REA for calling it up.

1.The top railing of a fence or balustrade.
2.A narrow horizontal board attached to a row of studs to support the ends of floor or ceiling joists. Also called ribbon.

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