What's This Receptacle For?

During my inspection today, I found an electrical receptacle on the ceiling of the covered porch at the front entrance of the three year old house. It had no power to it when tested. After turning on the exterior light fixture, I retested it. Still no power. Does anyone have any ideas for its use or why it’s there? I thought that it might be for Christmas lights, but since it had no power, I’m stumped. There is a regular weather-covered GFCI protected receptacle on the exterior wall beneath it.


Typical of a holiday lighting receptacle or snow melt cable receptacle. These are often controlled by a switch, which could be anywhere in the home, or a time clock at or near the panel.

I think you are correct Christmas Lights Look in Closet up high for switch.
Also look for a timer near panel.

Thank you gentlemen. I’ll let the client know to check around when she moves in, and ask her neighbours if they know the location of the switch. There was no timer by the panel.


I would agree with possible holiday lighting or maybe a bug zapper.

I had one in new construction that had been pre-wired into a junction box in the attic. I was then covered by insulation. However there was no connecting circuit to that box. I had the owner fossick under the insulation.
I must have been a Friday afternoon job just before a beer break.
Sometimes we just get lucky.


Could this receptacle also have a Photo cell?

Not in the plug it has a weather proof cover on it .
But there could be a photo cell in the Light below it .
They have them so small now hard to see .
I have that type on the front of my home and also on my garage.
These Christmas Plugs are very comon in my area both inside ,behind the drapes up high and out side on the soffit.