Whats wrong in this pic

What do you see wrong in this pic???

Compression fitting on the refrigerant line ?

Thats a factory fitting for the actuator.

The cover is missing?

Can not check it with the cover on that was meeeee

Other than what looks like a bunch of crap and debris in the condensate drain pan I must be missing it. Unfortunately that is all too common from people using cheap filters or no filters at all. Lots of old dirt and dust on the inside of cabinet too. Another indicator of cheap filters. Do you happen to have a photo of the under side of the A coil?

The flex line to the water heater appears to “be its own drip-leg”–it’s hard to tell from the picture but the black line seems to be at the same level as the base of the heater, while the flex-line dips below it. There is no evidence of a drip-leg at this point and the flex line can become clogged with the debris that the drip-leg is intended to remove.

…I think…

This was a real inspection down flow furnace not like the heat exchanger pic I showed that pic was taken in my front yard. The A-coil was as is.

Come on Jae quit picking on the hot water heater were talking A-coil:) :slight_smile:

Is the air flowing down instead of up ?

Some people prefer the evap coil to be arranged in an ‘A’ for upflow, and a ‘V’ for downflow, but that’s just a personal preference. Most manufacturers nowadays ship an A for use as either up or down flow.

Sorry guys I was just being a Butt Wanted to see how many folks could find something wrong with a perfect A-coil. There was nothing wrong here.

The reason I pulled the front on the coil box was the blower motor was severely matted with lint and I was expecting to find the A-coil front loaded also but it was not bad. Divorced lady of 4 years had been living in this home and was not mechanically inclined no regular filter changes that was my red flag for checking the unit very closely.

Watch out for those trick questions they will get you every time. If you don’t see something wrong say so.