What's Wrong With This Wye Fitting?

I found this image in the Defect Writing course. Can someone please explain what is wrong?

Is it the two different types of PVC?

Defect: Improper type Y-fitting observed on PVC drainpipe. Recommend evaluation and repair by licensed plumber.

Here is the most likely reason. One is used for plumbing and one for electrical. See links below. (But, there is some grey PVC that is used for high pressure plumbing)


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What’s up steam, Saman?
Sealing Cement may not work.
Question, is the gray plastic schedule 40?

@bcawhern1 Thanks for the info. I thought it might have been the different materials, but it’s difficult to tell without more information.

@ryoung7 I’m not sure. This was the only photo and there was no information other than the narrative. I will definitely look closely at the labels on pipes when I’m out in the field!

I also read that the interior diameters differ between the grey and the white. In my opinion, if you mate the two pipes then leaking is likely due to the mismatch.

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