What's your background?

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Hi everybody, I was just wondering what everybodies background was.

Like how did you come to be a Home Inspector?

Is it the money? The Chance to be self employed? The challange?

I'll start by intruducing myself.
I am William Campbell, age 43. I began my training as an Interior Trim Carpenter at the ripe ole age of 12, for .25cents an hour.
My brother-in-law taught me all the aspects of Interior Trim as well as remodeling.
In the 7th and 8th grade I was in General Construction. A 3 hour class dealing with everything to do with construction, from fence building to concrete work.
In the 12th grade, I was enrolled in Building Trades, where the class had to build a house under the guideance of a Licensed Contractor.
In the years to follow, I have had 5 years as a Wholesale Milkman, 14 years as a restaraunt cook and Manager.
I owned my own remodeling company here in Rockport untill March 2002, when I contracted a disease in my right arm called Reflex Sympathic Dystrophy.
I was retrained by Texas Rehab for Home Inspection in 2002. And recieved my Licensed, Dec 31,02.

I hope that ya'll join me in this thread, as I feel that it may be a way for us to sorta meet and get to know each other, as most of us may never meet in person.

Thanks Will

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Being a newby, I guess that I will start.

I started out as a property maintenance man, then got into property management. Taking care of a 200 unit apartment complex.

Had to inspect each unit after the occupants moved out and then get it ready for the next tenant. I saw some doozies, let me tell you.

Then I got into home remodeling, enjoyed that, and finally decided to buy my first home.

Hired an Inspector, who came in and found all kinds of things, main thing being that the post and pier foundation needed to be replaced, house was built in 1872.

The owners agreed to fix it, and a myriad of other things.

I went into the electronics industry full time at this point, outside sales management. So, while I was doing that, I remodeled this 125 year old house, one room that I didn't feel I had to do was the Utility room.

When I sold the house, 7 years later, the buyer had an inspection done, and the inspector found that the Utility room wall was unattached, it had not been attached back to the foundation when they had fixed it, so it was basically hanging from the ceiling. I lost ALL the equity and sweat equity I had put into this 125 year old house, and I worked hard on it. But missed that ONE thing.

So, when I became unemployed, AGAIN, god I hate the electronics industry!! I decided to go back to school, went to a home inspection school, got my diploma and now I am trying to get this thing off the ground. Graduated in November, but the holidays and all that really put a crimp in my style.

I am offering a followup inspection for any repair work that has to be done, to make sure that if the contractor screws something else up, while repairing something that I found, that the new buyers will have the chance to have it fixed before they are totally comitted.

I got burned, and I don't want anyone else burned the same way!!

That is the main reason that I am getting into the business, to protect other buyers from the beating that I got. Cost me a pretty penny let me tell you!!

Besides the fact that I love exploring houses, it is just fun for me.

Oh, I am 38, have 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy, and a beautiful wife whom I adore!! ![icon_biggrin.gif](upload://iKNGSw3qcRIEmXySa8gItY6Gczg.gif) I adore the kids too!! LOL

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November, huh? Well, I am newer than that. I am just now completing my initial training, but probably won’t join the work force for another year.

I have been a firefighter/paramedic for about ten years. As such, I pay a lot of attention to building construction, safety concerns, and code violations. I have also done some real estate investing and similarly, have run into things down the road that cost some of my equity. Lastly, I like physical work (couldn’t ever sit at a desk) and don’t mind crawling in tight spaces. Put that all together and home inspections seemed to call me. As I said, I am very new and have a lot to learn, but I am sure that I will enjoy it.

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Wow, 55 views and 2 responces. icon_confused.gif Is everybody shy?

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My last business was a residential cleaning business. It was fun for a while until we decided we were getting so busy we had to hire people to help us. It was all downhill from there. The significant other decided to go into real estate (she became successful almost immediately) and I was left holding the bag, so to speak.

Home inspections seemed like a natural since I have been remodeling with my father since I was 12. It started as her idea, also bringing my future father in law into the business with me. I worked with Nick when he owned peach, until we could get it going. It never works out, working with friends and family, so I quit the company we started and went out on my own.

I prefer to work by myself, although sometimes I am busy enough to wish I had a partner. I resist the temptation though, because I am much happier working by myself, for myself. While it is not for everyone, it works out better for me and I don't have to share the profits with anyone but me.

Joe Myers

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I am retired from the Navy and have been doing “shadetree” construction most of my life. As I was retiring from the Navy I decided this is what I wanted to do. I made a mistake by getting into retail also and letting my home inspection business wait. I still have the retail, but let my daughter run it.

I am 41 years old, married with 3 kids, 1 really cool grandson, 2 horses, greyhound etc....

Dave Bush
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Hi Everyone,

I grew up poor, so anything that broke, we had to fix. Didn’t even know there were repairmen. icon_smile.gif Spent four years in the Navy stationed in San Diego. When I was there, El Cajon was in the boonies. Moved to south Florida and worked for two elevator companies doing initial construction on high rises and then remodeling/repair work for the other one.

After developing back problems, went to school to learn electronics. Got a job working on flight simulators. Learned to fly helicopters, Lear jets, 727’s and regional jets. Yes, I have flown real helicopters. Moved to KY and started a side business doing remodeling and repair work for friends. Word of mouth has me busier than I want. Everyone kept telling me I needed to become a home inspector since I had a knack for it???

Took me two years to convince myself to give it a try. Still in the initial learning stage and have not tried to do an actual inspection yet( for pay) I have done a couple for friends for free.

I am 42, married with two daughters.


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38 y.o.a.

Born and raised in So. Cal. ![icon_biggrin.gif](upload://iKNGSw3qcRIEmXySa8gItY6Gczg.gif)

19 years as a Union Ironworker - LA local 416 and Honolulu local 625 (started @ 17) full pension @ age 65

Second year as an HI - "things just don't get any better" ![icon_biggrin.gif](upload://iKNGSw3qcRIEmXySa8gItY6Gczg.gif)

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Hi everybody icon_smile.gif . My name is Rolland Summers and I’m 34. My 1st job was with a septic cleaning service that my father owned at the age of 13. While in High School I worked for a Mobil Home dealer Installing awnings ,skirting and other things after school and on weekends. After High School I got a job with a company that set sewer lines , and under ground utilities. While waiting for the next project to start I applied for a job as an HVAC apprentice. I got the job and spent the next 7 years installing Heating and Air- Conditioning. I spent the next 5 years as service Tech for the same company before being advanced to the positions of Residential manager. I have spent the last 5 years in this position. I have a very open schedule so 2 years ago I started my Home Inspection business. As long as I get my employs out the door in the morning and keep all the contractors happy I’m free to do as I please. I’m also certified to perform home Energy Ratings and occasionally perform audits on homes. I got the idea for starting my HI business from a Realtor while Inspecting the Roof Flashing on a home she was selling. Well I had already been involved in I don’t know how many HVAC and Fire place Inspections so I bought some books did a lot of research and here I sit making this post.

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I’ll be 50 in April

Been a member of The United Brotherhood of Carpenters
and Joiners of America local 261 Scranton,Pa. for the past 10 years.
Prior to that I was employed by various companies throughout Pa. as a carpenter/foreman/super.

Been in the construction business for the last 20 so years.Built and remodeled just about everything. Seen everything...the good and the
bad.Been there done that.

Worked on and under the turnpike bridge in Clarks Summit Pa.for
those familiar with the area....boy was that scarry!!

I decided to do this as another one of my adventures ....can't see myself
pounding nails for too much longer.

![icon_rolleyes.gif](upload://iqxt7ABYC2TEBomNkCmZARIrQr6.gif) ![icon_rolleyes.gif](upload://iqxt7ABYC2TEBomNkCmZARIrQr6.gif) ![icon_rolleyes.gif](upload://iqxt7ABYC2TEBomNkCmZARIrQr6.gif) ![icon_rolleyes.gif](upload://iqxt7ABYC2TEBomNkCmZARIrQr6.gif)

Inspecting for the unexpected

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36 years old. Originally from NJ.

BS degree in Industrial Science. Worked as a cabinet maker while in college. Stayed in cabinet business after graduating. Eventually became part owner in a kitchen and bath remodeling business. Wife joined USAF and we moved to MD in '98. worked as freelance designer/engineer for custom millwork and remodeling companies. Hired on full time as designer/engineer for a large custom millwork operation in Baltimore in Dec. '99. Worked on some really cool projects with them. We even bid the millwork portion of Gillette stadium in Foxboro. Didn't get it.

The USAF moved us to TX in '01. Did the freelance thing again here for a while and then looked for something different. Decided to pursue HI. Completed required coursework May '03. Passed licensing exam in July '03. Been inspecting since Sept. '03 and love it.


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47 this march!

-13 years residential appraisal in Chicago.

-12 years business development manager commercial HVAC service contractor.

Erol Kartal

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icon_lol.gif icon_lol.gif Deleted. I feel like Joe Hagarty.

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Age 50

I was in the ministry for about 20 years serving small churches in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. The churches never were big enough to pay for any repairs or remodeling, so I had to learn to do it all. 4 years ago, my brother who is a certified industrial hygienist, wanted to know if I wanted to learn to do mold inspections. How often do you get a chance to be personally trained by a CIH. So, he spent several months training me, and I have worked for him ever since. Last year, I decided to begin doing home inspections, after seeing how well the two complement each other.

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I am 57 years old, single and love to mingle- with the girls, that is. I started in the housing industry by hauling lumber and sheetrock back in the 60’s. By the time I was 16 and old enough to get a commercial drivers license ( yep, back then you could get one at 16) I stepped up to a Chevy 60 series 2.5 ton and hauling sheetrock took off. In the first year of business I bought and paid for 3 brand new trucks and was making more money in one week than my parents did in a month. My mom knew about it but dad didn’t The trucks were registered in her name so she had to stay quiet. I was given the opportunity to buy a lumber company and did that for about 30 years. I also had 3 building companies and a strip joint but the lumber company was the main source of income. I am now the Quality Control department for a Texas based new home builder. We build about 3500 homes a year and I get to ride herd on the bunch. I check all of our plans for code compliance for each locality, framing issues, plumbing systems, and all of the rest of the fun things that go into building a good, affordable home. I also train our builders in the correct way to build a home, we don’t close a house until it is 100%.

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Hey all. My name is Russell Cloyd, I’m 38 yrs old, born and raised in Southern California and Transplanted in Kentucky at 18. While working a variety of jobs right out of high school I found construction work to be the most interesting and worked for a residential builder and commercial steel building erector. I wound up as an inspector trainee for the local county building dept. I became certified by the commonwealth of KY to perform 1 & 2 Family dwelling inspections and served in this capacity for 5 years.

Attended college in the evenings and earned my associate of applied science degree in construction management. I studied , tested and earned a commercial inspector’s certificate from KY and and have spent the last 10 yrs performing both residential and commercial plan reviews and inspections. I currently manage a building dept. with 6 inspectors that provide building code administration services to two counties and 12 cities in KY. I have always wanted to own my own business and after performing a number of home inspections for family and friends (for no fee) it dawned on me that a guy could make money doing this for a living.

I have also been hired to perform code consulting on various types of buildings and projects. I provide litigation support as an expert witness in cases involving the built environment. I enjoy being an independent contractor and will soon make the move from a municipal inspector to full time private inspector.

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I want to say thank you to everybody who replied to this thread. Since this is a public forum, I thought it would be a great way for folks to get to know each other, as well as a way for potential clients to get to know us as well.

I’m just surprised that more haven’t taken the oppertunity to post. icon_confused.gif

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Exec Officer for the local homebuilders assoc. for 5 years, then trained for the glam and glitz of property claims adjuster, learning how to put houses back together after catastrophe. Took a break from adjusting to work as a project manager for a construction company, rehabbing government housing. Babysitting subs got to me, so I got back into adjusting. still doing that work, but less as I continue my 5th year of inspections. Love it.


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Hey Will,

I have 25+ years in the building industry which began in New Jersey in 1972 as an apprentice with a local remodeling company. Several jobs later in the carpentry field I landed a foreman position heading large crews in the building of custom single family homes and large development homes. My blueprint reading and drawing abilities led me into the commercial construction business where I was foreman on multi-million dollar structures such as The New Jersey Dept. of Transportation, Government buildings at Fort Dix N.J. and several schools, hospitals and other government and municipal facilities. In the early 80’s, I was an inspector for a large firm that assessed and rehabilitated fire damaged properties. In the late 80’s I co-owned and operated my own general contracting business until temporarily disabled by an auto accident. After recovering, I became a manager of one of the nations largest contractor building supply firms and then moved into the building estimating field. After the company was sold, I went into the Home Inspection business working for a large Pa. firm and finally into my own business in early 2001. Last year I was offered and plan to partake in a part time opportunity to teach a Home Inspection course at a local community college. I reside in Warminster, Pa. with my wife and two school age children, Ashley 12 and Logan 7. I currently sit on the NACHI Ethics Committee.

Bob Wills - MAB Chairman

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My background is totally different from most inspectors. Masters degree in history, second Masters degree in Climatology. Taught college and high school for 33 years. Still teach half time. Spent many summers working with two friends doing home repairs for people. Started learning about home inspections 7 years ago and started my business 5 years ago. Spend most of my spare time still studying about this business. Learning never ends.

It is interesting to me that people seem to come into this business a little later in life. Could it be because it takes some maturity and infinite patience to do this job correctly?

Carl (age 55, current wife 46)