What's your inspection vehicle?


2016 Colorado Z71 MidNight Edition.
Little dirty but it snows around here Lol.

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No advertising on vehicle?

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Current batteries last between 100 and 150k miles. Replacement costs… “worst case” is about $4500 (full electric vehicles), best case about $1200 (hybrids).
$100 a week in fuel savings with a hybrid over 4 years (100k miles) is over $20,000 in fuel savings (at today’s market energy costs). A full electric vehicle would save approximately $150/$170 a week in energy costs or $31k minimum in four years. That alone would nearly cover my vehicle cost. I wouldn’t do this for any political statement, I’d simply do it because I’d like to give myself a raise without working harder. I’d still have a full sized vehicle for pulling the boat and vacations etc.

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You don’t know him as I do.

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Not yet. It’s coming.

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Compare changing costs outweigh the fuel costs. What are the savings?
Electricity is cheap in Quebec as compared to…

Been in this ride since the end of 2014.


Any thoughts on the magnetic business advertisements? My HOA won’t allow a vehicle with business graphics to be parked in the driveway for extended time periods so I’m probably going to need to use those 12’x24’ door magnets.

Do consider some info at the tailgate, rear window or whatever if at all possible. More people than you might realize see your vehicle from the rear, not the side. Also, keep in mind that some states consider signage as advertising and have, as NY does, a requirement that your license number be on all advertising. The magnetic slap ons are considered by some to be less than professional but if the HOA says “no advertising” you might not have a choice, unless the vehicle can be garaged. A fellow inspector had such a PITA HOA that he had to close the garage door so the signage on the tailgate of the truck could not been seen!

You can buy a cover for your vehicle if you label it. Hide the ride and keeps your ride dust free.
Just an idea.

What year is the Vet? Looks recent.
Too expensive in Canada for me to even consider.
Juicing up my Z71 Midnight Edition slowly. Low Boy package coming.
Think I will be up to >350 HP with the Cat Back exhaust package. Already installed cool air intake. The stock throttle body intake chokes air flow. Now I get much better throttle response.
I put 1 2019 Corvette and a recent Porsche to shame but it could have been the drives. So far, 0 to 60 in under 6 sec. I think I did 5.5 but I need real timings.

The cost of electricity per mile is about 20% the cost of gas per mile.

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2004 C5 series like new

Nice looking vehicle. They typically handle well. Good on you.

I’d bet you will tap your foot…Yep!

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Yes Sir thanks!
I drove to a new life in Florida in my first, a 1965 Sting Ray.

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And Florida has never been the same… :grin:


Removable magnets are great…particularly if you live in an HOA community that frowns on vehicle signage.

Good to hear Dale. Looks like you’re only about an hour south of me. How’s business? Good to hear from a neighbor.

My HOA isn’t terribly strict but I think they are about the vehicle advertising. I’ve actually seen residents park their work truck/vans across the street in some businesses parking lots.