What's your inspection vehicle?

Driving around town I’ve seen pretty much every trade advertising their business with graphics on their work vehicles. However, I can’t recall ever seeing a vehicle with home inspection advertisements. Just curious what you guys drive and if you have any graphic designations on them.

Brett, I drove a 1015 GMC Double Cab pickup truck with my Logo on the door and tailgate…with phone number. :smile:

Brett, I have a 2018 Dodge Power Wagon with double cab. I use a magnetic sign on both doors with Logo and phone number.
I didn’t think about the tailgate though. Good idea Larry!

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I’m going to have to start looking around. Maybe it’s the time of day. I’m not usually driving around neighborhoods in the morning.

I believe people should be posting pictures for this lol.

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Sorry Joshua, I’m retired and that vehicle is long gone. :smile:

Hey, show us yours, eh?


My fleet haha


Ill be sure to post soon, just a old jeep with the logo on the doors. Looking to upgrade as soon as I can with hopefully a successful year.

Hey Todd, is there any way you can get your phone number bigger?

I received many clients from my truck phone number just driving down the road or at a stop sign, etc.

Just a thought… :smile:

P.S. Cool dog!

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That is on my to do list a, big sticker on the back for my email and phone number :+1:

I wonder if the website address in big letters might be best in this day and age.

If it is easy to remember, Brett…well, the same with the phone number. :smile:

Think I could make my minivan work? Back seats lay down so it actually holds a lot of cargo. Maybe in the beginning at least.


Heck ya, Brett! You can take a break under the hatch, if it is raining, too. I started with a Chevy Tahoe. :smile:

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Exactly what I’m going to use, Brett. I did have to shell out a bit of money to put a rack on top.

Minivans don’t have much cool factor, but they’re definitely handy. I’ve had this one for about 5 years and can’t imagine life without it. Do you have a link to that roof rack you got?

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I just bought a used 2019 Nissan Frontier last Friday. 5ft bed with a cover. The Little Giant ladder fits in the bed with about an inch to spare. 21 mpg… Vinyl lettering and logo are on order and should have them on the vehicle sometime next week. Name, logo and ph number on the doors and tailgate, email address in the bed-side and tailgate. $123.00 I have been driving a Chevy Express w/ no lettering.


'16 Ram Outdoorsman Crewcab 5.7 Hemi. Both sides logos home & commercial on doors, phone number both sides of bed, logo home & commercial & website on tailgate.


Those are very reliable workers! That’s a handsome employee! :smile:


We have a '13 Grand Caravan Stow’n’GO, the cargo room is unreal!