Installed in attic…

Looks like a low voltage relay system. They used those in the 50’s/60’s (?) to control lights.

I am not sure what the advantage was supposed to be, although it might be safer (no 120V at the switch) and can use lower guage wire to the switches.

Some kind of home made sub panel?

GE RR1 lighting relay system. If you took the cover off the 120V tub it is probably OK.
(missing covers are always a problem)

It is a low voltage switching relay system and yes Greg is right on target there is two verison there the RR1 and RR5/RR7 is avabile but just watch out with which verison it will be using.

the three wire verison and two wire verison is diffrent but exteally it look the same but interally no it is not the same.


Thanks for the replies guys!:slight_smile:

I knew it was a relay system but was never sure of the proper terminology of what to call it.

I’ve only ever seen 2 and both were exposed to the wide open with no cover in sight. Didn’t look like one had ever been installed on either one of them.

Can these be removed or abandoned for more conventional lighting systems relatively inexpensively? (I probably already know the answer to this one…):slight_smile:

Better yet… what exactly would be an electrician’s recommendations for such a system as observed in the photo?

There is no easy way to remove this. I am not really sure why you would want to either. It sure makes 3 way (or 6 way) switching easy and you can remap any switch to any light by swapping wires in the J box. The only problem with them is the relays can burn out if a switch sticks on the 3 wire systems.

Thanks Greg.

Appreciate the info! :slight_smile: