Detached garage

Is this right? There’s one shop light and one receptacle.


It may work, but you have three ground wires under one screw, which is not allowed, and the top feeds are double tapped, which is not allowed, and you have white wires improperly marked and being used as hot wires.

Where are your neutrals?


there are several things wrong

Thanks for the help, this is one of 4 DIY subpanel jobs and they all have issues, I will refer this mess to Sparky.

Is this back-feed through the breaker supplying two 240(ish) circuits?

Just thinking out-loud, official answer it looks confusing. :smiley:


There is nothing proper about this installation. . .

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the likes of that before…

I wonder what the rest of the ‘wiring’ looks like?

Wow. All I can say is WTF?

I did see that before and i have to expain that to the comuster about this situation and this type what you show to us on the photo that if that wired for only 120 volts the netrual is *never *be switch or controled by breaker or switch and this is very dangerous pratice. this is not allowed the netural to be fused/breaker after 1930’s so it is in the code senice that time ]

And i think there are some issue it will crop up is the permits i know pretty good percentage of HO Homeowners ] don’t bother to get the proper permits to do the job safe.

the other area is the spa tub but i think i will leave this in other area for now if want to talk about it we can run seperted thread on this one.

Merci , Marc

Marc is right. The biggest problem here is that this is a 120 volt panel with an OCPD on the neutral. Bad news.