Wheelbarrows are for chumps

3rd delivery at 8 AM this morning.

Walkout basement patio. As much as I have begun to hate this job, every once in a while I get a fun load.


When you are done, hope they are cardful when he retracts his boom on to himself to empty what is in his boom back in the pump hopper. Boom is full of concrete when he is done and usually shits all over the place. LOL

I brightened it up a little.

They actually ran a little short. Pump had to empty the hopper and push air through the boom to finish the job, then swing around to water wash back into my mixer. Always fun when they do that with a 30 foot tip hose! Home owner freaked out when she saw the boom over the roof. lol.

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kudos to you, Concrete work is a tough Life, You go home at the end of the day beat. when carpentry work is slow I would help out setting foundation forms.

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Not something they like to do also, you can only empty the hopper so much, it blows back, so they fill the hopper with water until the concrete has all gone out of the boom pipe line. Then you put a sponge ball to clean the pipe line and dump out.
You were lucky to have enough. Usually you loose about 1/2 yard of concrete with pumps. You could of gotten a line pump for a little cheaper possibly.
I don’t miss the concrete one bit. LOL

Yes you do! you just refinished your garage floor by hand!

Nah! that was a self-leveler, no hand troweling. LOL
I definitely would not last very long at hand troweling anymore.

Pumpers don’t suck sponges around here anymore. They put the hose in your truck, pump what they can back into the drum, fill the hopper with water, pump it into the truck and done. When done right, no mess… Granted, when things go wrong, OH BOY… LOL :laughing:

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Went from finishing it to hauling it thinking it would be easier money… I thought wrong. Still do side jobs when I can. But prefer carpentry better for side jobs. Not as hard on the back and knees :wink:. That’s why I’m hoping this HI thing works out, getting too old for this crap…

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@mdurante getting too old for this crap…
My thoughts exactly.