When to actually call a window defective?

I’m with Charley on his reporting of windows and IR.

IR should be seperate from the main report, IMO. Charlie I am with you also on this one. If the window looks good, it probably is. Owners will never notice air loss unless it gets fogged.

Suggest a full IR scan for efficency purposes on a seperate report, for an extra, large a larger fee of course.

“Suspected roof leak at center roof/flashing area. This inspector used an IR scan of this area only for further investigation/evaluation of the suspected area”…

I do report a fogged window if I see it. I have found fogging but when I put the IR camera on the window it looked ok. Seems to me that checking them with IR can be very unpredictable and should not be relied upon. My statement is the same as Dan’s. I think I got it from here. A lost seal in a window is a defect but really has little effect on efficency. A normal argon filled double glazed window has an R value of 2.5. When the seal is broken it drops by a value of one. Yes it is a defect but until the window fogg’s I don’t see the point of changing out the window.