Where are the ground going?

I observed in the sub that all the ground wires where not atached on a grounding bar in the panel. They are just looped back at entry and was wondering where do you think they are attached two.

I recommended a sparky. The garage was another handyman/extension cord special.



Why are they using 14-3 NM cable in this sub. Please excuss me I feel out of it today and am not thinking clearly.


How is the panelboard enclosure grounded???

You are right, something fishy going on here.

The neutrals are floating…that’s good.

As for the grounding…I see several ground wires at the top portion of this LSE but I don’t see what they’re bonded to. It appears that they are routed back outside the panel. They are bent back and are going right back outside of this panel.

Somethings wrong here.

Where do those grounds go after they leave the panel?

Probably nowhere–the idea being that the wires are in contact

with the box (however weak the contact may be) and that is

the ground. What other reason could there be??

14-3 cable???


I see 12 gauge wiring.

hmmm…are they pulling them all back out the panel and twisting them together and taking one to the GE…I SURE HOPE NOT…geesshhhh…anyway this is a no brainer…refer…refer…refer…scratch head…refer…refer…

Now as an electrician…I am gonna say…Mr. Bad Grounds…I need to get in the area above this panel…Meet my little friend…sheetrock saw…:slight_smile:

Frankly I just want to see above the panel at that they are trying to do…

That’s my point…

Ahh…the FUN of ripping into finished sheetrock is better than the smell of coffee in the morning to an electrician…NOT

I love to rip into sheetrock when I know someone else is going to repair it :wink:

Also, isn’t there on the left side a double tape, third breaker down? The knock outs a the top no plugs. Recommend sparky.

Ahh…but in the true nature of the beast…I would want to get into the wall and see those grounds before I worry about double taps and openings…lol…the grounds are by far the main issue.

Since it’s a sub-panel, then there should be isolated neutrals and grounds. Looks like the electrician didn’t have a separate ground bar to install in the panel, and just connected all the grounds to the box … :roll: … and I am assuming the same thing happens at the feeder to the sub-panel, where the ground is also just connected to the box.

Whether it’s 14-3 or 12-3 wire, it’s a good question. There are 13 hot wires, but only 8 neutral wires at the sub-panel.

Looks to be five 120V circuits (hot and neutral), one pure 240V circuit (2 hots on a 2-pole breaker), one 240V/120V circuit (2 hots on a 2-pole breaker and a neutral), and two (2) circuits that are either 240V/120V or multi-wire circuits (two hots and a neutral).

The last two circuits mentioned (where you see both a red and black wire going to individual single pole breakers, and I assume a neutral wire to the neutral bar) may be multi-wire circuits that feed two separate 120V circuits with a shared neutral … which is okay sometimes as long as it’s wired correctly and there is a handle tie to shut down both breakers simultaneously … or could have just been wired wrong or there may be an overloaded neutral. Either way a sparky is needed for repairs.

JMO and 2-nickels … :wink:

God I hate that term…Sparky…lol

Really? Most electricians I know actually like that nickname, and it’s a pretty common one used by HI’s … :wink:

Talk about a “bonded” box … :shock: