Where does the kitchen end?

Trying to determine if the butlers pantry is considered the kitchen? If so, the AC return is going to have to be moved to another spot at least 3’ from the kit.


I would consider that part of the kitchen. But, are you sure it’s a return?? I’ve seen this scenario where some halfwit plumber needed to fix some 2nd floor plumbing. Cut a hole, made the repairs and installed a grill. Not a bad idea actually. I hate doing sheetrock :wink:

Besides, do you think someone is going to spend the money on having that moved somewhere else? Doubtful - IMO

Found out from a local inspector (15k inspections under his belt) that this is not considered the kitchen.

It’s not that they would move the return but its negotiating power, aka taking money off the price of the home, that is at stake.

I agree, not likely to get moved in any case.

Were the outlets GFCI protected in that area? Where they on the same GFCI as the dedicated small appliance circuits serving the kitchen counters? Might give you some idea as to whether it was considered part of the kitchen.

It wasn’t going to get moved. Just used as negotiating $. No the GFCI’s were not protected which I guess should have given me my answer. It just seemed so close to that stove.

They way I cook… I would have smoked the house completely in a short time with the air on.:smiley:

Does not matter if it is technically part of the kitchen as common sense says that it will get grease , smoke and odor.

Just had one like that which was compounded by the fact the duct from the utility closet was made of plywood with unsealed sides and in the kitchen area though technically in the hall

And the way Bob cooks, He would have the whole house smelling like burnt pizza…
Oh wait… Bob orders out…;-):smiley: