Where is the box for >>>>>>>

WOW the new form has been a blast so far, Lucky I have a retired lawyer in house as a office assistant who figured it all out


You would think they would want to know what the construction was? There is no box for Masonary or Wood Frame

Cool I have a wood frame house in a Hurricane zone, Guess I am the same as my neighbor with his concrete BomB shelter

This makes no sense, does anyone know why that was removed


What does your lawyer say about roof shape and what is his opinion in the way to get the hip measurements?

It is my understanding that Masonry / frame are about fire ratings and not about wind storm. In addition, many underwriters will follow what is on the property appraisers description over the WM.

I feel the new form is leading the inspection for the benefit of the insurance company.

About like a fortune teller, if the fortune teller ask the right question you will get back the right answer.

The insurance companies are playing the game with all the cards in there hand.

They know the answers before we inspect…

So Reinforced concrete masonry is not stronger than a wood frame? How can this not be a wind mitigation question.

Then want is the purpose of a wind mitigation inspection to the insurance company.

It’s starting to look like a dog and pony show.



Nothing to be sorry about.

On the surface it may or may not make a difference if the walls are masonry or Frame…If the roof seperates from the walls.

Wind storm is ALL about the building envelope. That’s what the research has indicated.

But, trying to make real world sense of the wind mitigation will drive you crazy.

You have to approach them from the perspective that they were designed for, the insurance industry. Like it or not, they are a tool used by the insurance industry to fit their needs.

Oops, out of habit, I included a pic of MT6 on masonry on the one I did this morning.

Just a couple of weeks ago everyone was complaining the the wall construction type was on the wind mit form and there was no discount for it.

You can not have it both ways.

[quote=“jmurray4, post:7, topic:66556”]

On the surface it may or may not make a difference if the walls are masonry or Frame…If the roof seperates from the walls.

Wind storm is ALL about the building envelope. That’s what the research has indicated.

Jay is absolutely correct…

Here are the benefits to the insurance industry awarded by virtue of the new form:

  1. they no longer give a discount for the reinforced masonry.
  2. they have strictly identified what does and does not qualify as a proper tie down requiring photos that will identify and hang an inspector producing fraudulent reports.
    3)they have strictly identified the manner in which the roof covering, secondary water barrier and hurricane protection panels are verified again giving them the option to pursue the inspector for fraud.

They gave up:

(1) The flat roof, some previously simply dropped the flat roof properties.
(2) They now have no way to verify from the form if the residence has any restained charecteristic.

I think they gained more than they got.

Don’t forget gable end bracing!:wink:

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So I guess **gable end bracing **has nothing to do with the building envelope too…

This form so leans toward the insurance companies side…

One up for the insurance company/Another taken from the home owner

One dollar in the insurance pocket/Another taken form the home owner:(
This was on another thread tonight.
** Posted by a home owner:**

Maybe you all can answer this for me. I’m currently battling a 300% increase in my insurance with citizens. I’d appreciate if you could give me any insight.

Citizens sent their inspector out to verify the wind credits I was receiving. He found some discrepancies which really raised my insurance premium. The first was Wall Construction Type, and the second was Gable End Bracing. My wall construction type was above the 33% threshold for (%33.5) wood framing. In addition my Gable ends were not braced.

All this leads me to my question. The most recent Wind Mitigation report was released on February 1st 2012. There were many changes to this form, but the ones that work in my favor are the removal of Wall Construction Type and Gabel end bracing. Do you know why they have removed these requirements from the form?

I read somewhere they have removed these items because insurance companies were not basing rates on these inspections. My agent told me citizens requires less then 33% wood or they dont give you a certain credit.


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There is no actual reduction in premium based on the gable ends being braced. Gable end bracing was more about MSF program.

Home owners are better served by it being deleted. Far to many were spending thousands of dollars to brace their gables, with no actual premium reduction.