Citizens inspection question

Maybe you all can answer this for me. I’m currently battling a 300% increase in my insurance with citizens. I’d appreciate if you could give me any insight.

Citizens sent their inspector out to verify the wind credits I was receiving. He found some discrepancies which really raised my insurance premium. The first was Wall Construction Type, and the second was Gable End Bracing. My wall construction type was above the 33% threshold for (%33.5) wood framing. In addition my Gable ends were not braced.

All this leads me to my question. The most recent Wind Mitigation report was released on February 1st 2012. There were many changes to this form, but the ones that work in my favor are the removal of Wall Construction Type and Gabel end bracing. Do you know why they have removed these requirements from the form?

I read somewhere they have removed these items because insurance companies were not basing rates on these inspections. My agent told me citizens requires less then 33% wood or they dont give you a certain credit.

I appreciate any insight.

Get a new form. The new form does not care about wall construction type.

Gable end bracing is also not a factor anymore.

Get a new form and see what happens. Look for a NACHI inspector to get the best the industy has to offer.

Here is the new form: 1802

Those two items have been removed, however, you may lose credits somewhere else. Ask your insurance agent what you got credit for and if the new form will help…or hurt.

Let me ask another question. How can I prove my shutters are Florida Building Code? There are no markings or stickers. They were put on the house before I purchased it, and there seems to be no record.

Suppose I dont find a permit for the shutters. Is it possible to have a Florida Engineer under section 471.015 certify my shutter construction as Florida building code?

Neither Gable end bracing or wall construction type was ever a premium consideration on any version of the wind mitigation form as it relates to discounts for wind mitigation. Your insurance carrier may have changed your overall policy rating as it relates to your non hurricane premium from masonry to frame, which makes it more expensive to insure for fire insurance. Paying for a new mitigation inspection on the updated form will do nothing to reverse the increase you are experiencing unless it was something outside of the two things you mentioned above.

If you are in South Florida, I would be happy to look at this for you. Call 9-5 305-759-4587

James, it is a uphill battle but, you can win… 1st get a copy of the new form, gather all info, you can search permits pulled, get all updated NOA 'S on windows and doors. Your storm shutters should be stamped. I did not get any help from agent which really pissed me off, come to find out, the higher premium I pay, the more he makes why would he help me. I smell a rat with homeowner insurance companies and their reinspection hired guns. Do your home work, this is a good site with great help and Very respectable craftsmen, who will help and answer question. Good luck

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What do you currently do for a living?

Call Dennis

25 yrs. commercial air conditioning, looking to get away from it. Can not find people willing to work anymore… I’m actually looking into county mechanical inspection jobs.

If the shutters have a “stucco” finish and/or a light weight then they would pobably not be rated. Make sure you look closely to see if there is an imprint, sometimes it can be difficult to see.

Prepare to starve. I don’t know about FL, but in Colorado the county jobs pay about as much per week as one good home inspection does. I learned from Nancy Regan, and so tell my sons… If someone offers you a full-time job or hard drugs… just say “no.” LOL

Yea, good luck with that.
Most of the municipalities are cutting back staff and here in Coconut Creek, they only work four days and only call you back between 7:30-8:00 am.

I knew I smelled an interest :smiley:
Good Luck.

I smell a rat too, I copied this post but read them all. I don’t know if there is any possibility that you can find another than citizens to insure your home but my advise would be to go shopping. Call ten agents and compare quotes.

It’s crazy that the reasons your premiums are going up have no correlation with the discounts provided by the wind-mit form. Get the new form and have it done right and send it out to every other agent but the one you are dealing with and then to them. Compare and decide.

They removed the gable end bracing from the form because there was no deduction in premiums associated with it. I have no clue why they removed the structure but since it’s no longer there there are no longer any discounts awarded to structures permitted prior to the 2001 code adoption or the 1994 HVHZ in Miami/DADE-Broward. Fewer discounts= higher premiums. Same goes with the Flat roof that got eliminated for single family.

Good luck;-)

Yea, I have heard that, Eric. I do see a market for doing reinspection repair or should I call them upgrades. My trade has taking its toll on my body over the years, so I am looking to get into something else…maybe H.I. could be a road ?

Crawling attics most of the year takes one hell of a toll as well.

I often wonder just how long I will physically be able to do what I do.

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One thing for sure I never thought I would be doing this at 42.

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The good news is that I am in perfect shape according to the doctors. I am currently training for the Disney half marathon in October and we also have a 30 mile diabetes bike race next month.

There is a lot to know to be a home inspector. In general, it has been my experience that individuals who come from one specific trade may be experts on that trade, but are not up to those standards with regards to other areas of the house.
In many instances, I have read reports that go into great detail on one subject and the rest of the report is “light”.
These would be cases where I was called in to consult in preparation for a lawsuit.
In each case, after going to the house and reading the report, I suggested to the lawyer for the HI, to settle as quickly as possible.

I wish you luck with you home now and in the future if you are thinking about entering this profession, feel free to give me a call.

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