Where's Charley

Anybody seen or heard from Charley Bottger lately??

Been wondering the same

With my own recent health issues that came up OVERNIGHT, and with Charley being around my age / early 70’s … I realized I’d not seen any posts, etc from him recently.

I heard he went to the outhouse and fell in and the hogs eat him.:smiley:

I hope he is alright.

I just talked to Charley and he said he has been busy and is in good health. :smiley:

Thanks for the info Larry much appreciated…

Thanks Larry

Glad to hear Charley is good

YesI am still here!!! no one has thrown dirt in my face yet. Have not fell from any roofs. Have had a very busy start for the first of the year for me.:D:D:D

Good for you thanks for the upgrade

thumbs up.jpg

:lol: YES!!!

Hey Charley, glad to see you are still around here. I sent you a private message on here last month, but not sure if you got it, or even remembered me! It’s been about 4 1/2 years, but I’m back doing inspections again after a few life events.