Which comes first the chicken or the egg.

I took the 5 hour IR class and can definitely see a potential for my company to add this service to my business. Coming from all you experienced professionals it would be a big help to know whether I should by the camera first or take the class. In choosing a camera will the class give me an understanding of what technology is out there? Will I learn whether I am better off with a 2000.00 camera or a 10000.00 camera for practical home inspection applications? Any insight from your experience (negative or positive) would be much appreciated.

Your education should always be first but with 5 hours you have not even touched the tip of the ice berg. Your education will never end in this business the more you get the more you should want or you will never be truly successful you will just end up like so many have done throw up the hands and sell what ever camera you bought. Perhaps I am being harsh but I am truthful I am not selling cameras or classes.

Training first… camera second. That way you will know what you are buying, based on your needs and future plans. There is a lot of information to digest before you buy an IR camera…IMHO.

Obtw there is an old saying in the trades of my past life If one cannot do the work one should teach:D;-)

and… those who cannot teach nor do the work will slander…:mrgreen:

John what are you trying to say here I did not engage you and here you jump my bones I was not playing in your sand box. I swear John are we having a guilt complex:D:D

Thanks for the help. I never intended to buy a camera and work with just 5 hours of education. I thought that the camera was essential to taking the class. To all your replies.
Many thanks,

By all means you are welcome and no the camera is not a requirement to take a class

Oh perish the thought. I have no idea what you are talking about my
dear boy… :mrgreen:

Frank, If you got the money then buy a camera.

There is a whole lot more available out there to help you know what camera and application you want to get started in.

We did not have this available to us.

Most of us are on the second and third camera.
Your not going to cover all the bases till you get working and see what works for you and your area.