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Recent comments from our INFRARED CERTIFIED students.
Next class is Aug 27, 2011

Class and IR Camera = $2195

Thanks again for a great class the last to two days, it was very
informative. I did not realize all the possibilities of using thermal
imaging and I am anxious to get a camera and begin the process
of learning more about what I am not seeing in an inspection. - James

Hi John loved the class now I have a better understanding of what I’m
looking at. - Karl

[FONT=Arial]This was perhaps the most informative class I have attended, and I have attended
[FONT=Arial]more than most. Thanks![/FONT] - Kelly

Great class, Thanks - Jay

Your IR class was excellent. Well worth the money. Thanks - Bob

Your prices on cameras are the lowest I have seen. - John

Hi John, would like some input from you as to when would be a good time to do IR training. I have been looking at classes local to me, I am very lucky that there is a training school in the town I am in.
I am still training in HI, not actively working yet. I am busy looking into a lot of training options for me though, and IR is something I have looked into.
My question is though, would it be better to start already trained in IR or to work as an inspector for a while and to check out if there is demand in the market for it?
It looks to be quite an expense to start up, and if there is little to no demand could be a waste of time and resources for me.
Thanks in advance for any input.

Your foundation knowledge in construction is key to diagnosing with IR. It is very important that you understand the structure and systems in a building before you attempt to scan these items with an IR camera. If you feel you are ready, we can help you with training and IR cameras, at very low prices (we can help you get any make of camera you may need).

Be patient and learn your trade. When you get ready to jump into IR, then contact me and I will help. We have hundreds of inspectors who are now operating their IR business from taking our class. It would be wise to take an IR class before you buy an IR camera, so you will understand the limitations of some cameras and buy something based on your future plans, as well as what you are doing as a home inspector.

Hope this helps.

HI Kathleen
I Just finished the course that you are talking about and I would be happy to bring a camrea around and show you a few things about IR as there is more to it then you would think. If you are interested email me at silveroak@bell.net and I will send you my phone # ** **

Infraspection Institute has a great home inspector IR course for the same price. It’s taught by professionals that have been in the business for over 30 years!! It’s NACHI Certified too!!! Do it at your own pace.:wink:

Hi Ken, thanks for the offer. After looking further at the course that is offered here in RH, I realised there is a lot more to this than I maybe had thought, it looks like a very intense course actually.

It would be great to meet up with you, I haven’t had any contact with local inspectors yet!

John thanks for the advise. I certainly don’t want to buy a camera yet! It looks to be very interesting, and I look forward to feeling like I am ready for IR training.

Can you tell me the differance between Infraspection Institute and Johns IR class.
They look to follow the same training, but if a differance, it could be in that the instructors also teach the Level I, II & III. Your input would be appreciated.

My name is not Linas thank goodness I just returned from Jersey finishing up my level III and I can tell you first hand Jim Seffrin IMO is the top of the line trainer. Jim’s IR company is in the field every day. I see you are in MO invite me to the lake of the Ozarks fishing and I will bring my cameras B-Cam, BX320 & T360:D:D:D

Wanta talk IR call my land line 580-268-3340

The difference is 30 years of experience in the infrared business. The course also covers infrared theory, heat transfer concepts, equipment operation and selection, standards compliance for building inspections etc. If you are going to branch off into other infrared applications, this is a good starting point. It’s more than point and shoot and verify wet spots with a moisture meter. It’s another option that is available. You decide.

Send me an email when you are ready to need and I will help you where ever I can

I will call for sure. Any and all help is accepted, Thanks.

Linas, Thank You and your point is made. Have a camera, but would like formal training. I will check into the classes.

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Hey, John, I sent you an e-mail a couple of days back. Did you receive? It was concerning the purchase of a camera…

All the best.


Thank you for this weekends course. I learned a great deal and can’t wait for my camera to arrive. Thanks again!

Ken I sent you an email, I guess it got lost somewhere, I will send you a message.

Hi Kathleen
Sent you a private message on this board

I have been very busy so I am sorry if I missed you. Send it again or call me at 936-546-2435.


I am always here for you if I can help Jay. Good luck my friend.


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