Which inspector most represents your attire on an inspection?

I would not want 7,8,9 or 10 inspecting for me!

Those guy’s are walk around data collectors, ie report type of flooring, type of sink etc and will not get in there and look for problems.

This is a hot dirty job period (if done right).

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I am number 5. I wear black cargo pants, white or black polo and black work shoes. I look like I’m there to fix something. Another words I look like what I think a home inspector should look like. By the way I would never wear a tie to a expensive home. If I hired one who had a tie on when he arrived I would think he’s going to do the very minimum to get the job done so he can stay clean. I want my inspector to get DIRTY.


Same as above . Suits are for the office

I usually wear a Ninja outfit but I did not see that so I voted for #5.

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I sometimes wear cargo type shorts. I see more and more professionals wearing shorts, on the job, police officers,firefighters and EMT’s. I do not see anything wrong with shorts as long you are clean and professional looking.

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Oops, didn’t look at the link first… I’m actually a 5, maybe 6 on a good day.

#1 if the client is a smokin hot co-ed

Nice shorts are fine. No cut-off jeans or gym shorts.

#5 in summer #6 in winter. I should look like a professional field consultant, not the plumber, pool boy or a salesman.



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Never shorts; customers can get a view when you climb ladders. Gross. Never jeans; too casual. Always kakis, dockers, polo or button shirt; never tennis shoes;never t-shirts; too geeky. Dress the part you want to play.

I wouldn’t get caught dead in a pair of shorts while inspecting.

My white chicken legs will either scare away most of the clients or leave them laughing as I walk them through their prospective home.

My everyday uniform is a pair of blue jeans (no holes) and a pressed denim shirt (from Queensboro) with logo.

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Me, too…except I wear open-toed shoes and paint my toenails blue-green.

Summer = shorts and a shirt. (my logo)
Winter = Nice jeans and a polo. (my logo)

I don’t come to an inspection to impress clients with my fashion sense (or lack of). I most likely wouldn’t hire an inspector that dresses to impress. They are usually the ones that are full of sh!t and arrogant. I come to work to get dirty. If I don’t, I’m not doing my job.

I’ve never had a complaint from a client, home owner or agent because of my attire. But that’s just me…! :wink:

Button down dress shirt (or logo polo for summer) with clean, pressed Khakis and land’s end slip-ons.

One little tip. I bount these other Land’s End shoes that are part slip-ons, part slipper. I keep them in my bag and if it is raining outside or muddy, or if they have booties inside the door, I slip off my shoes and put on my “spector shoes”. Rubber soled and clean, only wear them indoors and such. Impresses tyhe clients and realtors that I am so considerate.

Hope this helps;

Depends on my mood.

I couldn’t find the image with the Coonskin hat so I hit 5 :mrgreen:


I wear my snake huntin’ outfit.:wink:

Crawlspace Find.jpg

also did not see the link-- #6