just getting started with my inspection business and was curious to see what everyone thinks about wearing jeans on an inspection. I work as a construction superintendent / project manager / estimator for an industrial/ commercial contractor and the whole industry is wearing Jeans with work boots and a collared shirt of some kind. I remember from class thinking it sounded a little absurd to wear “dress clothes” to crawl around an attic and/ or crawlspace. What’s everyone’s take on the khaki’s vs jeans? thanks for the input.

I will answer your question with a question…

How do you want you and your business to be perceived by your clients?

Professionals dress the part.


I wear jeans all the time. Nice jeans, of course. I typically wear a nicely embroidered golf shirt. I’ve never received or perceived negative feedback. Avoid shorts.

Personally, I try to “dress up” unless I am inspecting a bank-owned property.

Dress up and get a tyvac suit for attics and crawl spaces!

If my doctor showed up in jeans and a tee shirt I may look for another doctor. If my mechanic showed up wearing office clothes I’d think him an idiot and probably find another mechanic. For all the crawling around we do I think a nice newer pair of jeans and a nice polo or button up shirt would be just fine. The look professional thing is a good point but do you want to look like a professional office type or a professional inspector type? Show up on a construction site in office attire could be construed as being a dummy who didn’t know any better or a show off. I’m all about dress for success but I may want to dress one way for higher end areas and another for more working class areas. Just dress nice and be yourself.

Its a personal preference, but also a business decision.

I find kahkis more comfortable than jeans, especially when it’s really hot. Coveralls go a long way to keeping them clean! :wink:

As for the business descison, I just think it looks better. That being said, I wouldn’t have a problem with an inspector showing up in jeans if I were the client.

It also depends on the client and their expectations/comfort level. Someone buying a $3M house may have a different perspective than someone buying a $75K house.

Now in days you can get cheap Khakis for $10 and they have a thing called Washers that will get out the dirt later.

Get dirty and earn the money, but do not show up looking dirty.

I always where the ones with extra leg pockets for holding small testers etc…

I tend to wear jeans (not faded and no holes/tears) and long sleeved collared shirts. There’s too much time that’s spent on my knees for me to wear khakis. IMO


Khaki Dickies pants and monogrammed shirts with my logo. (However, if I’m certain nobody is going to show up, I sometimes do inspections in jeans.)

Where a shirt with your company name/logo often, even while not working. Good marketing.

Are those jeans in your avatar ? :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Yes, with me standing in my backyard. Same photo I used on to find my wife. :smiley:

I once showed up to my second inspection of the day, and I was wearing jeans and polo shirt, which I normally wear, and in the process of my first inspection I got a little dirty. The realtor, some hoity toity woman commented that I should not show up to an inspection being dirty, I did not say anything to her directly, but turned to my client’s and said, " if I do not get dirty during an inspection, than I am not doing the job you hired me for" then I asked the client’s if they had any problem with my appearance, they both said “NO, we want you to get as dirty as you can, because we want you to be thourogh and do a good job” The husband also added that he would not expect otherwise, and that it would be like taking your car into a mechanic and him not being dirty.
Look at it this way, the way you do your inspection and the report will be all you need to sell your business. Keep in mind we are professionals, but we also need to get dirty doing our jobs. Why spend money on clothing that could be stained, or torn? Jeans, and polo type shirt is good enough for me.

Polo shirt Jeans , Most of the people could not care what you wear under their home along as you go under. Yes it needs to be clean no holes and so on. In fact i did a investment home for a man from CA. He moved to Knoxville He is known as the designer for the stars. Sent me a email this AM saying he was very impressed with the report and calling his Realtor friends . Do a Honest good job, keep the home clean wear boot covers . you be fine.I think some people just get carried away on some things.

If I don’t come home dirty, my wife thinks I’m cheating on her. :slight_smile:

Aint that the truth Joe , Or you been cruising around haven’t you! you do know there is list of work for you to do on your day off!

Why not carry an extra set of clothing with you so if you go from one inspection to another, if you get dirty, you can change in between. I do and it has come in handy, especially in the summer months. I do wear a Tyvek coverall on entering the crawlspace just to stay cleaner. Those things are warm though.

In the summer, I recommend you wear tennis shoes (helps when you walk on the roof), cut off shorts (it’s really hot in the attic). Sleeveless t-shirt with your political affiliation on it (it’s hot in the attic, and the political affiliation will be a nice conversation starter with your clients and real estate agents.) I recommend this even more if you are anywhere close to St. Louis because the humidity here is terrible this time of year.


Mark don’t steal my company attire. I had the idea first lol :wink:

I wear black dickies cargo style, black tennis shoes, black shirt during cooler days (company colors) white polo during hotter days. My dickies comes clean with a wet rag and washes up really good. I wouldn’t wear anything else. Love dickie clothing.