Which is better, long filter list or long Inspection Item list?

I broke the Global list down into a lot of detail BUT, for example, in creating the Local list I left Primary Roof Covering as one Inspection Item and listed under that is a detailed list of like, 12 primary roof coverings, each broken down into General Condition, Deficiencies, Deterioration, Buckling, Cracking, Splitting, Hail damage, Wind Damage, Tree Damage, etc.
So the Inspection item lists are short but the filter lists are long. I gave each type of primary roof covering an acronym:

  • ACS is Asphalt Composition Shingle
  • BUR is Built-up Roof
  • ClayT is Clay Tile Roof

…and so on. It’s grouped nicely and pretty easy to follow, but it’s kind of a long list. But would it be better to list all 12 Roof-covering Types as Inspection items and have the Filter lists be shorter? It’s a big library, and one or the other is going to have to be kind of long, I don’t think there’s any middle ground.
I’m halfway through local list development and want to make sure this is the best approach before cranking out the rest of it.

Opinions please!

my two cents: Another explanation is when you click on Roof Section you will see one item called Roof covering just like you would in any other template. When you select the auto-comment library you will select the drop down filter list and see a long list of categories as Kenton mentioned above. You will scroll to select from his long list based on the roof type or condition and then see a condensed list of auto-comments for only that category.

The alternative he is asking is when you select Roof covering section you will see instead several roof covering inspection items which mean all will need to be “excluded” by default and you will “un-exclude” the appropriate roof covering based upon the roof type or condition and see only those comments related to the one you “un-excluded”

The current design of HG would suggest the first option but either way will work.

The first option being… the way it is, or with a longer Inspection Item list?

OK, I think I see what you mean, Russell. If I included all 12 Roof-covering types- Asphalt shingle, tile, slate, etc. as Inspection Items, they would all need to be excluded initially and then the inspector would un-exclude whichever one he needed to perform the inspection. So it sounds like to avoid dealing with all the excluding and un-excluding it’s simpler just to keep the Inspection Item list very basic, and allow the inspector to choose options from the drop-down filter list.
Is that right?

In my opinion it is easier to use a shorter filter list when doing the report onsite instead of having to weed through each one every time I want to drop in a narrative.

Say for instance I get to the house and as I am walking up to the front door, I take notice that it has an asphalt shingle roof. I can then prep the report and exclude all the other roofing types that simply will just get in the way of me finding the right comment fast.

On items that have a long list of possible narratives associated, I think it is best to separate them out so they can be used easily.

On items that have a limited amount of things that can go wrong, by all means keep that as a single inspection item.

I break out the electrical section into things like wall switches, receptacles, lighting fixtures, etc. so the local lists are easy to manage and find stuff quickly.

Items like water heaters can be all grouped together under one inspection item because even though there is a lot that can be said about all the different types, the number of narratives all together isn’t that big of a deal to sort through using the filters.

It’s a judgement call based on how many types of materials there are and all the little things that can go wrong.

Kenton it almost seems as if the whole concept is off.
Maybe you actually need your own software program to search as you type all these great comments.

Nobody can use 100,000 comments to search through unless they are easy to access and the body of your work may need an independent program to run on a split screen.

We could then simply copy and paste over into the reports what is needed independent of what the software is.

Just a thought.

HomeGauge software is the best equipped to handle and access these comments and either way will work.

The exclude un exclude is not that big of a deal. It would only be one click to make that specific roof covering type available.

Why not do one Roof covering item with the long filter list. You can name it Roof Covering (General)

Then create inspection item Roof Covering (type) for all the other ones.

You can then edit T each inspection item and check the “exclude by default” which will gray out the items until ready.

Then the user can decide for himself. Its the best of both worlds!

Your template is going to rock!

TIP: Create the General one first with all of the types in the filter. Then select Copy T and Paste T on that inspection item which will duplicate the long one. Then go to the auto comment and filter select each and delete all the ones for that filter from the local list leaving only that type.

As always tooting your own horn.

Kenton it seems you always need to develop and consume time for each report program.
It seems you could use that software I told you about last month.

Did you look into it.
Also 'Active words would be a good fit.
Look into that software as well.

The developer is a good guy.

He is working the template into HomeGauge so its my horn to start with silly. You like to toot on everyone’s horn

Can I toot your horn too Russel? It’s a stonkingly good application. I have a series of templates that are designed for the type of home I am going to be inspecting, many of the components can be auto-completed when I get on site by choosing the right template as I arrive. The ability to complete the agreement and invoicing, have the client approve it online and then only need to select the template as the inspection starts is brilliant.

It’s taken me three years and many edits to get the auto-text stuff the way I want it, but not it really helps me zoom through the inspection, and the CYA library, (ever expanding) is a Russel send (as opposed to a God send). Looking forward to the new scheduler :smiley:

Ah…Thank you Leonard! More Good things to come!!:cool: