Best software to purchase??

Hello Everyone. I want to introduce myself, my name is Matt Trierweiler and I am a new memeber to Internachi as of three weeks ago. I just completed all of my pre-licensing curriculum and looking to expand my tool base now. I was hoping to get some ideas for the best software to buy, as well as other necessary tools, IR Cameras, air meters etc… Any input will be well received.

We all use word for reports with hand sketches.

Now look at my signature ,click the link and get a free trial.:):):slight_smile:

Wow…a thread on software…what a great idea!

Surprised this question never came up before.
Know anyplace he can get a good logo?

What about Insurance ??:wink:

How about tools?
What should he buy?

We need tools?

I am sick of you guys always raising the bar and stuff! This is stupid! Software, tools, books.

I use a note pad with carbon paper. My EYES…its a VISUAL inspection not a technically exhaustive inspection. When will you guys its NOT rocket science its a VISUAL INSPECTION.

Cameras, computers and all that other garbage is what ruins the industry that and insurance…what a waste! Keep overhead DOWN and PROFITS up…simple business sense…:wink:

Well you still need a thermal camera so your website looks cool.:slight_smile:
Those rainbow colors attract libs.

A thermal what? What is that for?

They see through walls so the inspector never gets sued.makes everything easy because you have no need to train for finding leaks with them as they take Xray spec pictures .
When done with that you just poke a screw driver all over ,get a check and leave.

Home Inspector Pro

Total Package from Inspector Outlet

Nick said it,now do it.:mrgreen:

I was going to get of them but went with the mold sniffing dog instead.

I had a Hotel manager give me his wifes card as her dogs sniff bedbugs.

WELCOME MAT. ha. has a nice ring to it. learn to use the search feature on the forums as most everything has been discussed beyond recognition. There is a ton of useful information here. You dont need all that much to get started. Get a few inspections under your belt and you will know what you need.

Every one has stuff… what do you need to do a good job vs what do people “perceive” as to what you need

Are they the same or different?

Home Inspector Pro

Tell them David Nasser referred you.

Been a Home Inspector for 5 years…its very easy
to use…Top of the line reports.

Let me Google that for you

Every Inspector will tell you that the software they use is the best & that their reports are second to none. Yes, we are all legends in our own minds.

I use 3D software and my reports are by far the best. :smiley:

Here is my sample report. It is old & needs updated as my reports are constantly evolving, but you’ll get the idea.

The best thing to do is take the time & download the trial software that many offer & try & figure out what best suites your needs.

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Nice looking report Kevin. you would recommend a plumber make repairs for a corroded pipe?