Which laptop or tablet do you all like the best and why?

Hi all. Looking to buy a computer for home inspections. I like the 2 in one tablets like surface pro or similar. I plan on using spectora or home gage and looking for any advice. Thank you all in advance!
Sharon A
New Hampshire

To use on site?

Jeff Pope ( http://www.myinspector.net ) has the best for on site.

Email or call him to get the particulars. Not cheap. I can’t remember.

Best to you.

Use your phone…much easier

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What Joshua said. A tablet is way too big. Use a good phone with a large screen that will fit in your pocket. I’m a Samsung fan myself; because they always work and give me very few, if any, problems.

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HIP and a iPhone 6s

I’ve tried laptop on site, tablet which is to big to carry around. I’ve been a 10 year user of HomeGauge and I use a Samsung S8, it is the best way to inspect.

Laptop is not practical to carry with you on-site imo. I currently use a Microsoft Surface Go lightweight, fast, attachable keyboard if you wish, responsive touchscreen, yada.

I’ve been using a Galaxy note9. The display is large and it takes GREAT pictures. I like using the stylus when needed to make quick notes. Good luck.


I started out with a Surface Pro which was great for showing pictures to clients but I also use Spectora software. It isn’t designed for a tablet apparently because you can’t perform the inspection and take pics in the inspection (you have to go into the inspection and then drop your pics in… very inconvenient). Additionally trying to carry a tablet can be life threatening at times on a roof! LOL!
I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with my Spectora software now and I can get the inspection 97% done as I work! You can zoom in your photos and add notes and everything else while inspecting. I won’t go back to a tablet.

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I use HIP and tried it with an ipad. I even bought a rubberized holder and strap for the ipad. Still ended up laying it down and having to look for it! I now use my iphone. Much easier!

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I currently use HIP with HP Envy 2 in 1 (15" screen) and I am very pleased.

Thank you all for the input! I really like the idea of a note 9 with a stylus.