Which testing method to use?

Hello, I am just breaking into the home inspection business and wanted to get various opinions regarding which method I should use to test for radon. Seems to me that the most cost effective way is the kits available from a variety of companies. My biggest concern about the continuous radon monitor is the initial cost and any cost associated to calibration. Also, I’m not too keen on the idea of leaving an $800 piece of equipment unattended in someone’s home for two days. All opinions/suggestions are welcome.



Follow your state or EPA protocol. Start out by reading the previous posts on the board as there are many alternatives.

I actually have a monitor that cost $1200 I use in houses.

I own 4 sun 1027, 1 sun 1030.
I started out with radalink. Lease per machine & test.

Now I own all the equipment but the QA can be a time consumer.

I have an Alpha 2, in bad areas I use charcoal canisters. $25 for canisters and 3test.

Thanks for the advice gentlemen!

I use radstar, but have canisters too. Canisters are for bad areas or when all the CRM’s are deployed.

Thanks, Mike!