Radon Monitor Recomendation

I am deciding that radon detection by canister does not seem to be fast enough for home buyers. I am thinking of buying a continuous monitor & would appreciate suggestions for what machine to buy & are you a user of that machine.
Thanks for your comments!:wink:

I use the Radstar RS300.


Pros: I like that it attaches to a tripod. Bought a Johnson tripod for it. It allows you to produce a nice graph for the client. It also has Battery backup.

Con: must have a computer to get the results.


I use a Sun Nuclear 1027 CRM. Simple and easy. Has it’s own report form and software for your computer that you can add your data. With the CRM’s you get into yearly calibrations and associated costs. I live in Indiana and requres licnsing not only State but National requirements/fees
etc. Look into all requirements.


Radalink here as well

I have seen some posts that Radalink is too expensive. what are you able to charge in your area and what do you say about being too expensive?