white powder on circuit breakers

I had a inspection today where I found some Siemens breakers, with white powder on them in the pic, is this oxidization or something from the factory? It is on all circuit breakers in the same location.


Factory installed sealer of some sort. You will find it on most Siemans breakers.

This is very interesting! this stuff will start to cake or powder off? seems like some are in better conditions than others. it is not white oxidation.? Are these breakers common? or is this a newer design, this house was built in 2002.

Are you sure it is not drywall dust?

did not think drywall dust, i blew on it, it was very secure. like it was caked on.

it is a sealant.
pic of a new breaker below…

Great! Thanks for the Picture!

The factory had a crack attic packing the breakers…It might be a new way to smuggle dope into the country…via breakers…:wink:

I just tried that but do not feel so good.
Did I get bad crack?

It’s a material used to keep someone from tampering with the screw. It’s not always white:

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