White residue on circuit breakers

I found a white powdery substance on 4 20 AMP 2 pole breakers only. The unit had electric heat and the 4-2 pole breakers that had the substance are for the electric baseboards. Could it be a breakdown of the insulating compound? Does that mean the breakers should be replaced? NOTE: I turned all the heat on and my infrared camera had these breakers and wires bright yellow.

Its a anti tamper sealant that hides a screw.
read this…

Yes Roy I do believe it is that sealant breaking down when the breaker heats up. Should the breaker be replaced?

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The color itself means nothing. What temperature is attributed to that color for the settings you have the camera set at??

Thank you Marcel
Very helpful post and confirms that it does appear to be the sealant breaking down.

IMO I see no reason why the CB should be replaced unless there is another issue with it.


I agree with, Rob.