White Substance on Dirt

A Crawlspace that had remediation done, now has a white substance on the dirt. The crawlspace should be sterile, so is this efflorescence or white mold?

sorry for not having a picture. :neutral:

Operating rooms should be sterile… crawlspaces… not so much;-)

well, the air and surfaces should have been cleaned of mold with the remediation, just curious if efflorescence can be found on dirt as well as concrete. it’s basically just salts right?

Never seen it on Dirt did it taste like Efflorescence .

Possible lime?

Remediation done in crawlspace…probably left over soda from blasting the joists.



If we can’t **bother **with a picture…

Why are you **bothering **with this?

Why should we **bother **to guess what your talking about?

I would call it Anthrax or Cocaine, depending on your location

…which you also have not **bothered **with.

Word of the day; “Bother

How can a crawlspace been properly cleaned of mold if no seal liner was installed over the ground? That is a no no in my area.

LOL! Man! Fetty!! :smiley: Damit!

“seal liner was installed over the ground”
I’ve only seen one in years of doing this.

We do it because the mold from the cleanup will be in the soil for several years. When the HVAC system runs the negative pressure can suck this molds into the house.
And secondly, moisture from the soil can cause mold to regrow in crawlspace.

No moisture no live mold.
It seems to me when the plastic sheeting is applied it would cause the ground moisture to accumulate under the plastic… hence, a good place for mold.
I’m a total believer in proper crawlspace ventilation. I know this differs in other parts of the country.

Ventilation just brings in more moisture .
I like a dehumidifier to control Crawl space moisture .


In Florida a crawl without proper ventilation will grow all sorts of mold.
Hence, It all boils down to where you are at.

Bunk… low moisture in there no mould.


That is what ventilation is all about.
We agree to disagree…

Ventilation with high humidity helps to make Crawl damp. 80% to me is high

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Florida Building Code

"1203.3 Under-floor ventilation.

The space between the bottom of the floor joists and the earth under any building except spaces occupied by basements or cellars shall be provided with ventilation openings through foundation walls or exterior walls. Such openings shall be placed so as to provide cross ventilation of the under-floor space.

1203.3.1 Openings for under-floor ventilation.

The minimum net area of ventilation openings shall not be less than 1 square foot for each 150 square feet (0.67 m2 for each 100 m2) of crawl-space area.

Roy I am surprised no one has come in and voiced their thoughts .

Looks like the Roy and Roy are the only ones with their ideas .