White substance on septic riser

The risers on both the solids tank and the liquid tank have a white substance on them. My pumper thinks it’s due to excessive methane gas and suggested adding a vent. The system is a 1,250 gallon 2 compartment tank and the leaching chambers are the newer 3’ wide leaching chambers. Can anyone verify the diagnosis and remedy (adding a vent). The set up is a little odd in that the plastic riser lids are both about 12" below grade and had to be dug up in order to remove the lids.

What a question on a home inspectors forum…
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Hi Roy, Just checking, is that not an appropriate question for this forum? I’ve seen a bunch of septic tanks and risers but never one where both risers have this condition. I really would appreciate any help as I don’t want her to dig this up in 5 years and have a collapsed riser.

It looks like mineral deposits.

It looks like mineral deposits washing down from above…

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I agree . Roy Cooke

I agree on mineral deposit. Buried riser kind of defeats the purpose. Add an extension to allow better access

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I’m a little late to the party…

Seen the white substance in my area but not where its caused a riser to decay. Concrete baffles are another story as I often find them deteriorated or gone.

Simply recommend a riser extension(s).