Who answers your phone?

Hey guys I am in New Jersey and have been an inspector for about 4 years now. Things have gotten insanely busy the last two years and its gotten to the point I want to find someone to answer my phones and schedule my inspections. What do you guys do when you come across this issue? Hire a secretary? Hire a stay at home mom? Hire an answering service? Make your wife quit her job? lol If you do use an answering service who would you suggest and how much should I expect to pay? All suggestions and any help is welcome and appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry… I don’t share trade secrets with non-members.
If you want the ‘inside poop’, ya gonna have to pay up and join!!
Free rides are found on Facebook.

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It is one of the calling centers - discounted for Internachi members.
We have next NJNACHI meeting on July 1 st,at 6:30pm.
If you need additional information let me know


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lol I am a member and have been for years. Don’t know why it says I am not

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Thank you I will definitely be looking into this!!

Check the web and you will find few to compare.
Greetings from Millburn NJ

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Hi Aaron - Glad to hear your business has been doing well! We’d love to help. ACC is way more than a call center, serving inspectors only for over 20 years now as their personalized office team. And we have specials for NACHI members! AmericasCallCenter.com, https://www.facebook.com/AmericasCallCenter/

Now that you see I am a member what is the top secret info you held back from speaking about? Sounds like you had some real good info!!

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