Recommend answering service?

Can anyone recommend an answering service that does what Communication Station promises–taking calls for home inspectors and scheduling the inspection?

No…the best answering service for your business is YOU !!! And, it’s free!!!:smiley:

Search this MB…there are many threads on this subject.:wink:


I can highly recommend 1-800 We Answer. They’re nationwide, and can do all of the things that you need an answering service to do, including making appointments.

Tel: 1-800 We Answer
1-800 932-6793
Local tel: 212-868-1121

Answering services blow.


Ditto again.

Just got out of the shower and thought I missed out on an Inspection call.
Lucky he only concidered… me.

I still would not use an answering service,as only I ,know how to speak of my services in a manner that sells them.

My only thought is remember to bring the phone in the shower with me from now on.

If you do not have a good phone voice ,you could maybe concider some third party.

Techno Bob - no shower phone, yet? :shock:

Well, that’s it, I’m not forwarding my calls to you to answer for me anymore. :mrgreen:

I do not know how all those calls for you ,ended up on my schedule.
Send more, and I will work on correcting that problem:)

America’s Call Center

I highly recommend Americas Call Center