Who do I recommend?

If I am doing an inspection and notice a grading issue that is causing a drainage problem for the yard and house etc. Who would I recommend to fix the issue?

Normally a landscape contractor can take care of minor grading issues. In this instance, tell us more about the house. City lot? Larger suburban lot? Urban acreage parcel? City lots with 8 feet between homes are handled differently than a home on an acre that has room for bigger equipment. The more information you give in your questions, the better responses you will get.

Who says you have to tell anyone how to fix things?

(6) General Exclusions.
(a) Home inspectors are not required to report on:
2. The cause(s) of the need for a repair;
3. The methods, materials, and costs of corrections;

If the drainage issue is due to landscape having a negative pitch and allowing water to drain towards the foundation of the house, recommend a Site Work Contractor to create swales or repair accordingly.

Thank you all!