Who to repair this?

House inspection today had 2-3 inches of standing water in the crawlspace. 1993 house and the rest is quite good over all. We’ve had plenty of rain and I suspect its from poor drainage outside the home including poor gutter down spout locations.
Client naturally asks ‘who do I get to fix this?’. I’m not looking for a particular name but rather a business type she can look up. I’m thinking maybe a concrete company or excavator. Suggestion please.

I know in Illinois we have plenty of companies that specialize in crawlspaces. Here is one http://www.permaseal.net/ another http://crawlspaces.com/. I know you are not in Illinois, but you may be able to get a name of a company in your area from them. Or just Google “crawlspace repair”.

Water in the crawl space is “normal” here on the west side of the state, as long as it is under the vapor barrier.

Any contractor can solve the problem by diverting water away from the house, etc. However, that being said, a sump pump is probable in order, which is common in my area.

“Recommend licensed general contractor be contacted to determine necessary repairs.”

There are actually several types of trades that could take care of it…especially these days when many are crossing over other trade lines in order to get more $$$$$… just have them contact a GC.

I use this terminology: “…you should consult a grading and drainage contractor or a licensed general contractor with experience in crawl space drainage and moisture to determine the extent of the concerns and necessary repairs. We also recommend that you observe the crawl space during a period of heavy or prolonged rain prior to the close of escrow or within the contingency period.”