Who is going to bite this bullet

The seller has owned this home about 1 year he purchased it from a Real estate agent who had the new shingles installed and optied to not correct the decking that had no H clips installed and with bathroom exhaust discharging into the attic and you can see the results.

Anyone wanta bet how this is going to end up as I recommend removal of shingles, decking and re-installing decking with H clips:shock:

What the hell did they use Charley, 3/8" sheathing?:slight_smile:

There was no H-clips on this one when I built in 1973. Picture taken in 2008.


Butted the ends of the sheathing too tight also! Have fun with that one Charley.:mrgreen:

Looks like if you touch it it gonna pop! LOL

You didn’t have to walk that roof Charley.

Is that the home you built Marcel?

Charley, if there was no indication of problems how would have written up the lack of H-clips?

How did it feel walking on it…:wink:

It felt like mush and yes I walked it as soon as the frost had melted;-)

It was a 71 model and as long as he sheathing was in place with no H clips I would have stated nothing

So just to clarify. If there are no H-clips it doesn’t go in your report unless there are visible defects as a result? I know it might sound like I am quizzing you or something but its something I have run into a lot.

Others may differ but if no problem I don’t put it in the report

Just to play devils advocate for minute, how does it differ from a bathroom exhaust that terminates in the attic but has not caused any issues at the time of the inspection, or a joist cut beyond limits that seems to be holding up just fine. I’m not trying to argue at all. Just picking the brain of an inspector I respect.

H-Clips for Inspectors

Thanks Chris. That was exactly what I was looking for.

Cool. The article is pretty short and to the point.

Yeap. I hadn’t been writing them up but I did hear someone say they write it up everytime and I have pondered it since then.

As I stated I don’t write them up unless there is problem as was the case in the pic. IMHO most of this inspecting business is based on common sense. If it don’t look proper it probablly is not proper one just has to look for the reason

So what’s your point?
They had a bathroom vent into the attic and you want to recommend thousands of dollars in correction? Are you out of your mind? Do you undersand that H-clips are an engineers or an architects call?
Baby, you should go back to…