Lack of H clips and warranty

The Realtor proudly proclaimed to the prospective buyer that the roof shingles had a 30 year Guarantee and that the paperwork would be passed on.
Upon Inspection of attic I did not notice any H clips, the sheathing was tight butted.
Could this scenario void a potential warranty issue.

Idea appreciated.


Was roof constructed 16 OC or 24 OC?

24 OC
I should have added that point.

If 24 OC the clips have to be installed, is this a new house? why did it pass framing inspection and no the shingle mfg. will not warranty the shingles.

I forgot to ask. If this is new construction, is the roof trusses and also were the huricane clips installed connecting the trusses to the top plates?

You dont have the code# handy do you??

Hi Thanks Peter
The house actually was about 50 years old, stick built 2x4, only had access from attic hatch as spray in insulation was deep.

I don’t have the code book handy but I want to research it because now I’m curious.
Paul, if the house was built 50 years ago it should not effect the warranty, these clips are for new construction. The shingle MFG. will look at the installation of the shingle and some require felt paper under them.

Paul, now you have me really curious, was this roof stripped and new sheathing installed, and if it is 24 OC I’m wondering if the clips are required or not. Interesting scenario

The roof had been re-sheathed, I suspect with hindsight it was 1/2" Ply, as from my experience working with plywood back home 3/8" on 24" centres would have had me springing all over on the roof walk about.
Do you think it would be fair to say 3/8’’ in this sort of application should have H clips.
I think the above 3/8" application with no clips would have warranty underwriters squirming out of any later liability.
This all stems from an Inspection I did whereby the Realtor kept going on about new roof/ warranty to my client.
I think this was probably a ruse to deflect from 3 or 4 other serious issues that were within this home.


Now you have me curious!

If the house was built in 1956, why would they have stripped the rough sawn boards that likely existed and replace it with 3/8" plywood with framing every 2 feet? Not logical. Explain.

Further more in this area, I have never heard of a 3/8" H-clip, not meaning that one is not Manufactured.

I guess I have a hard time to figure why spaced boards or solid boarding would have been stripped off to install something less structurally sound?
Back then plywood was not a common roof material sheathing, but existed.

And no, if I were a roofing Manufacturer, no way in hell would I warranty anything on a 3/8" plywood substrate for my roofing material 16" center or 24" center spacing.


Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If they did strip it off to the rafters and I agree with Macel, this is not usually done, but if so 5/8 should be the minimun.

I can only imagine there was a good reason for the contractor to remove the original. From a cost and labour perspective he was costing his client dear.
I had so many other issues with home that I did not dwell on this.
I left the Inspection with a bad feeling in my gut, as the same Realtor was dealing with both ends of transaction, (over $1 million property)and at summary walkthrough the realtor stuck to me like glue trying to play down my findings.
Today I had 4 or 5 email contacts with buyer asking what I thought were necessary repairs, I had to keep flipping it back to reporting details of findings in the scope of my standards of practice and to seek “independant” licenced contractors to make the call.
I have a feeling Realtor/ Seller will bring their people in, as Seller is already requesting an Inspection after work is carried out.
I don’t particularly want to get in a ding dong with contractors as to what they have done, In terms of liability if after contractors evaluation of the work , has the liabilty passed from me?

Please, you are on the right track, follow the SOP and your gut feelings and note hard on what you see. Re-direct further evaluations when you see fit.
All should fall in place if you follow that procedure.
Do not B.S. with the seller Realtor, tell it for what it is and that is what your report will dictate.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Marcel is right, deal with your client directly, be up front and recommend further evaluation, That’s what we get paid for and by all means listen to you gut feelings and learn to trust them

Thanks for input.
I certainly dont want to get in a pissing competition with Realtor or their contractors.
My natural inclination ( which I curb) as a former contractor is to think about what and how to repair things. Its far easier to defer for further evaluation.
In a way when you are recommending item for further evaluation that part of your Inspection is over.

HI I’ve built homes since '95 in the USA as well as Canada and I’m fairly positive that the minimal size sheathing that can be used for roofing is 7/16". I would encourage the potential buyer to call the roofing mfg directly to find out from the horses mouth if they will warrentee it, all you need to do is report on what you can and cannot see and don’t involve yourself in anythting deeper. Hope this helps.