Who is testing whom?

According to the governmental website - home inspectors must have a degree, diploma or certificate in home inspection from an “approved” educational institution - and must successfully pass a test inspection to operate in Alberta after
September 1, 2011.

It appears that the RHI and/or CMI designations have been recognized as qualifier to obtain a license. However - I like to know who has provided the standards for the required test inspections - and who has been declared qualified to evaluate the inspection results on behalf of the Alberta government.

Any answers?

Rudolf Reusse - Home Inspector since 1976 - Retired.

This has been debated back and forth, its all there is in place to keep guys working, most dont support it but what are you going to do, it seems to originate back to CAHPI membership requirement, ( in Calgary )
for as long as I can remember, going back 6-7 years , the first time I contacted CAHPI they told me the requirements were the Carson Dunlop course and a peer review, and the Alberta safety course, seeing as this industry has been up and running without licensing in the past, the government should have created an exam across the board, I believe in the early stages of licensing in BC they had allowed a challenged exam, because not all belonged to an association, I know of a few, who have taken both the CanNachi and Inachi courses and have red seal status who are being ignored through all of this, there are many against this structure, the government has stated they are willing to review on an individual basis, credentials and background for full license. aside from all that, there are a few on the Inachi side that fought hard to keep us in the loop, whether we agree with the structure or not we should appreciate the hard work they did. For myself, I have 212 hours of Inachi Credit hours, 32 ancillary and have completed half the CD,total EDU hours in the 800 range, after completing CD, combined with the inspections I have done I will see where that takes me , not considering the conditional license route,





With this one…

“Who is watching the hen house??”


“Nobody is testing anyone!!”

Testing them for what?

Follow the money. Start with those who invested in the purchase of this law.

Could it be just a coincidence that currently, the only approved training costs $6,000?


So all this HI training should be cheap and easy?? Did you get your BPI energy auditor certification for next to nothing and write unproctored online tests to prove your competency? I DON"T THINK SO!!

Why aren’t you complaining about BPI and the money train now that the excellent training made you an expert and filled you in on about many issues most HI’s have no inkling of?

To Nick, yes , just a coincidence, sears Home inspections ( who is ) Carson Dunlop , The reference to red seal journeyman meaning , electricians , plumbers, Carpenters , in addition to HI training, of course you need the HI education, I wasnt talking about welders . and Nick is correct, the required selected education all leads one way, after sept 1st the only option is CD , its never healthy to have just one option for any industry, when I was at the meeting and met some of the new start ups, there was not a single person who ( wrote a test ) and started up Monday, all the guys I met were conscientious and had racked hundreds of hours of studying in addition to there previous careers and experience, they were over looked because there is one entity out there telling the government whats right and whats wrong ( lobby ) not observing the obvious, and I do believe having a previous trade in construction ,combined with HI education is an asset to Home inspections, and should be recognized .

Follow the money.

Once you immediately uncover the fact that not one single consumer advocacy group in Alberta paid to lobby for this law you are assured that it was not consumer driven. You will note how it was not until AFTER the law was passed that press releases went out to your newspapers informing the populace of their “good fortune”.

Who bought the law? Those who financially gained by it. In my country, you don’t buy a law for the good of others. You buy it for your own good. Ask any member of the National Association of Realtors.

You will need to gather money and buy an amendment or … you will simply do what most women who are being raped are advised to do. Do not anger your attacker and simply submit and do what you must to survive.

The fighting has to happen before the law is passed. Once you have been penetrated there is little you can do to “unpenetrate” yourself.

To James, well said, and point taken . I have sent as many letters as I could till I ran out of things to write, and at present, am refocused on doing what I have to do . but as long as we all remember, the license requirements are CAHPI membership requirements .

There are basically only two training options in Alberta:

  • One is garbage, outdated, full of mistakes, and ripoff-level expensive.
  • One is very robust, thorough, has been awarded over 700 government approvals and accreditations already, and is very affordable.

We trust that by September 1st, both will be approved.

I hope you can make it happen and turn this chicken sh** into chicken salad.

For the record all my letters out were for support of INACHI, it would make my day.

Just curious, on a liter note, seeing that a 6 inch spindle gap ( CD ) is acceptable in Alberta, for you older generation guys , remember what happened to poor old Leave it to Beaver when he got his head stuck in the spindles , Fred the fireman had to save him .

I write them up as saftey Hazzard needs immediate repair by qualified person . … Roy

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