Alberta HI license (Nick or Vern)

Directed to Nick or Vern (I assume)
As a non CMI Internachi member, I am trying to piece the process together for the conditional license, this is what I have so far, we need 25 paid inspections, and one CMI test, proof of E&0 INS, and in reference to the phrase, HI must be employed or engaged with an HI company, I have dealt with this term in the past in New home construction, and what it meant then was, we had to be a separate entity, as in Incorporated, is this correct, so my questions are, where is the application, who is the director we forward it to, and are their provisions being made by Internachi for the CMI test inspection, for the non CMI members, Thank you.

The executive of Alberta InterNACHI is meeting with representatives of the Alberta government early this coming week to hopefully get answers to questions like you have asked. After we get those answers, we will pass them on to members of Alberta InterNACHI. We will also be calling a special meeting of the members and have those same Alberta government representatives present to explain the regulations and answer questions from the floor. As soon as we have a date we will post it.
I would also like to point out that at our last general meeting it was voted on by the membership that we would be developing a system for the CMI’s to conduct test inspections for non CMI members. We have been working on that since then, although once again it has been a situation of a “few” doing lots for everyone else…

Dan Levia
President, Alberta InterNACHI

Thank you Daniel, I am sure you are correct on the few, doing lots for every one else, I myself have been pretty self absorbed, This is a second career for me , been self employed in the trades since 1989 in Calgary, and I have been busy with my present work, HI studies, and gathering all the necessary tools, mock inspections, and paid for when I have had time, I have been planning my permanent transition to The HI biz, and have been dealing with the government on that issue, GST accounts etc, when all this came up, I hope that in time, when all has smoothed out, and I have settled into a groove, that I will be more involved locally, thanks for all the work.

There is a ton of work getting started in the business. Hope it all works out for you. There are some excellent members that live in Calgary so ask for help if and when you need it and try and come out to our next meeting to meet some of them.


Once the dust settles, Vern is having me come back up to AB (probably June) to help all the members with the legislation and paperwork. We’re planning a 1/2-day workshop regarding CMI and licensing.

This legislation looks friendly to Realtors, the inspectors are taking all the risks.
Inspectors can’t offer any type of repair or replacement costs? Why do you suppose that is?

How can CMI be an accrediting body without being recognized as such?

This seems to be the same situation where (CAHPI) National Certification set itself up to accredit home inspectors yet itself was not recognized by CAN P9 to be accredited, the National unequivocally stated it was ‘in reasonable’ compliance.

Now we have the NHICC claiming it is going to become accredited with ICE, yet to my knowledge is not either in ‘reasonable compliance’ to any standard.

Just some questions that come to mind, and for feedback.

Thanks Nick, Daniel, Vern, will I be notified via email through Alberta Nachi or should I just keep my ears open , thanks.

That’s good news for your members, Nick.

This legislation is complicated and ambiguous. Instead of us trying to pee in each others’ corn flakes, we all need to help each other through this. Hopefully no home inspector will be forced out of business by this.

Best of luck
Bill Mullen

Bill we have tried to get Cooperation from you and your group for years . You have been the one who wanted nothing to do with this idea.
Now you see how the Canadian industry has no use for you and your ideas you want to try and save what you can .
You need to do give some serious apologies to NACHI and the NACHI members you have attacked and insulted many times .
My thoughts … Roy

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Although licensing is fairly new to Canada, we’re used to helping our guys get their licenses. Just finished getting all InterNACHI members grandfathered in Florida for both home inspections and mold assessors. Looks like CMI is going to be used in legislation in South Africa next. For now it’s Alberta. After that it’s Ontario.

Just another day at the office.

These new regulations are a mishmash of InterNACHI, CAHPI, Mortgage brokers, Insurance brokers, Realtors Assoc. Minister of Service Alberta and some unknown voices that we do not know about.
They seem to have addressed some of the concerns of all of the above and the result is a dogs breakfast.

Dont mean to get off topic, but one of my concerns has been the E&0 ins, seems like they have required a substantial amount of coverage, and as well I dont know the percentage of HIs in Alberta who carry E&0, but if its anything like new home construction, (contractors) it is very rare to come across a trades-person with E&0, most have known it attracts lawsuits,(the lawyers) and have chosen to just incorporate, originally my question was about the cost of E&0 for a start up, but from what I understand from past experience, is whether you are a start up or have been established for years without E&0, your rates would be equally high , because you have not contributed to the pool, and personally, I dont expect get to many inspections the first year out, it took me a couple years in the drywall BIZ to get my name out their, is their such a thing as limited use or pay per use E&0 for a start up that would be acceptable for a conditional license, I know I am jumping the gun on questions, just trying to put the pieces together, and in all honesty my plans were to be up and running by June and just transfer my GST account and incorporation, but with these new rules in place I cant see having everything in place by Sept 1st, thanks again, sorry about all the questions, but I have always pursued my goals like a well oiled machine, I guess I forgot Big brother was out there. PS, even though I operated for 23 years without E&0, I have never seen the inside of a court room or received a back charge from a client or builder.

Christopher don’t be surprised if E&O goes sky high again, or possibly becomes tougher to get. Again we are not in the drivers seat. As Vern noted that are lot of unknown players pulling strings on this. There’s much more to fall out of this as the plan unrolls over the next year.

True enough, I expect because the government has required us to have hefty E&0 ins that it will skyrocket, seen it happen before, their is a tendency in Alberta to shift things towards Big Company, eliminating the Independent, small business type people, and as far as the statement , multi inspection firms will be responsible for the E&0 of the employed inspectors, don`t hold your breath, not gonna happen, they will just inform the HI to incorporate, get their E&0 so you can work for them, this manipulation has been used for years in new home construction, Mike holmes has been canvasing around Alberta, all license requirements aside ,they insist to work for them you will need your own E&0, either way, the small independent minded pro is going to have to bite the bullet .

I did have a question, im not in Alberta, but this is likely to invade Ontario as well, so just being nosy for now.
Is this a license that will be renewable, I know a lot of trades have to re apply for licenses every so many years, and others don’t. What will it be for HI? Im guessing re-apply every 4-5 years.
Should have been a tool and die maker:)

South Africa… hmmm.

CMI will soon be the industry standard worldwide.

Kathleen, my understanding - yes, (annual renewal) and that will likely include the proof of insurance coverage.

The BIGGER ISSUE - no insurance = no license! Not all insurers are on board with painting bigger targets on the back of the inspector and the insurers. So it will change the dynamics in the province for a time.

But let’s face reality the limited liability clause was a first line of defense, and still could be circumvented. On the other side consumers could potentially be short changed on a serious or costly mess by an inadequate inspection/inspector.

Annually! Oh boy, looks like they aren’t quite certain of the training approved for the licensing, maybe that will change in the future.
I’m all for continuing education, this is something that needs to be addressed, with all HI’s. I am not sure if I am on the for or against side as of yet, I see pro’s and con’s on both sides, but I don’t think they should rush into licensing if they aren’t sure that the education standards are too low. The only person suffering then is the consumer.

Kathleen, in the trades in Alberta it is every 2 years, I imagine it will be the same for HI.

Kathleen take a look at the brief history from the first out of the blocks, BC home inspector licensing. 3 organizations initially recognized, than 2, than later 4. After one year a meeting BC Consumer Protection and further discussion and more fine tuning.

Personally, I would not be to bold to “overly” brag because things change, and organizations change. Eventually even the government reps see past the snake oil, smoke and mirrors!

So even if it is every 2 years as noted by Mr. Tasker, you see it’s not a lifetime license, or a take for granted coverage for 2 years by the insurance company.

From my sources, stay tune for more changes…