Who would like me to build them a custom inspection website? $15/month.

Hey everyone,

My name’s Danny. As part of our recent push to help members improve their marketing efforts, Nick has asked me to work with members on their existing or new InspectorPages websites. If you already have an upgraded site on InspectorPages, I can help you update it or improve its look and feel. If you haven’t tried the InspectorPages DIY package yet, I can help you set one up with a 60 day free trial, and custom design your site for you.

Email me at daniel@inspectorpages.com if you’re interested.



Folks, if you don’t have a website for your inspection business, or want a better one… here is your chance.

Contact Dan. He’ll do it all for you.

[li]Simple to set up, simple to customize.[/li][li]More than 100 inspection themes to choose from, with more being added every month.[/li][li]World-class search-engine optimization. Get found![/li][li]Unlimited number of pages. Make your site as big as you like.[/li][li]Unlimited bandwidth. InspectorPages has no bandwidth limits![/li][li]Web-based site manager. Edit your site from any computer, anywhere.[/li][li]WYSIWYG editor. What you see is what you get (just like MSWord). Simple![/li][li]Use your own domain name if you want to. You retain ownership.[/li][li]1 GB of storage. That’s huge![/li][li]Add any of InterNACHI’s inspection articles for a content-rich website.[/li][li]Backed up automatically every week. Sleep well![/li][li]Automatic search-engine submission. We’ll put you everywhere.[/li][li]It’s easy to add your logo. No logo? InterNACHI’s Member Marketing Department will build one for you.[/li][li]Add your photo. Photos of you in action during an inspection are best.[/li][li]Customize your menu and sidebars. Highlight the particular inspection services you offer.[/li][li]Mobile-optimized. Lets your visitors see your website properly from an iPhone, Android, etc.[/li][li]Your InspectorPages website will be linked to the North American Directory of Inspectors and InterNACHI’s other 4,500+ websites immediately.[/li][li]Customized contact forms. Book inspections online while you sleep.[/li][li]Embed NACHI.TV’s public service announcements and consumer-targeted videos into your website.[/li][li]Media library. Makes managing your site easy.[/li][li]Blogging-ready. Sites that have blogs rank higher on search engines.[/li][li]Advanced tools, such as plugins, multiple users, and video embedding permitted, but optional (do as much or as little as you want).[/li][li]“Wrong URL” notification. Lets you know if visitors are trying to see a page you don’t have.[/li][li]Content-delivery network. Your visitors access your site from the server that’s closest to them. Fast![/li][li]Honor Guarantee. Add it to your new website.[/li][li]Google Analytics. See which of your pages is most popular, track conversions, and more.[/li][li]FetchReport-friendly. Lets your client download his/her report online.[/li][li]InterNACHI’s Electronic Agreement System-friendly. Get your inspection agreement signed online.[/li][li]Have Inspector Call Me button. Add it to your website and get potential customers to give you their phone number.[/li][li]Free proofreading by InterNACHI’s in-house Editor-in-Chief.[/li][li]Inspection articles and PDF downloads in various languages, including Spanish and French.[/li][li]Inspection Glossary. Install it on your new website.[/li][li]404 monitor. Automatically alerts you so that you don’t lose link juice from broken links.[/li][li]Canonicalizer. Automatically points Google to your correct page and prevents Google from penalizing you for having identical content.[/li][li]Inspection-related logos and seals. Add them to your new website.[/li][li]Code inserter. Allows you to insert third-party code to improve your SEO.[/li][li]Competition researcher. Provides you with an easy way to research your competitors’ websites:[/li][LIST]
[li]*Normal Search: * Find out how many pages contain the key words in each query.[/li][li]Phrase Match: Find out how many actual pages are competing for each query.[/li][li]Allinanchor: Find out which sites have the most links for each query.[/li][li]Allintitle: Find out which sites have the highest relevance in the title for each query.[/li][li]Allintext: Find out which sites have the most relevant content/text on their pages.[/li][li]Allinurl: Find out which sites have the most relevant naming conventions for each keyword.[/li][li]Site: Find out how many pages are indexed for each domain.[/li][li]Inbound Links: Find out how many sites link to the domains.[/li][li]Outbound Links: Find out how many sites the domains link to.[/li]
[li]Deeplink juggernaut. Lets you automatically link certain words or phrases to a URL you specify.[/li][li]InterNACHI’s SEO tracker. We’ll track your website for you, automatically.[/li][li]Internal relevance researcher. Lets you determine ideal targets for links based on Google.[/li][li]Link-mask generator. For tweaking your link graph.[/li][li]Linkbox inserter. Makes it easy for visitors to link to your site.[/li][li]Meta descriptions. Increases your click-thru rate.[/li][li]First-Time Homebuyer Friendly seal. Add it to your new website.[/li][li]Meta keyword editor. Lets you tell search engines what keywords are associated with your site.[/li][li]Meta robot tags editor. Keep search engines focused on your more useful content.[/li][li]More link customizer. Lets you replace boilerplate text with new anchors that are keyword-oriented.[/li][li]Consumer Verification seal. Add it to your new website.[/li][li]Rich snippet creator. Asks Google to add extra, eye-catching info that could help draw in more search engine visitors.[/li][li]Sharing facilitator. Adds buttons to your website that makes it easy for visitors to share your content.[/li][li]Matching business cards and brochures. InterNACHI’s Member Marketing Department will design them for you at no cost.[/li][li]Slug optimizer overview. Automatically removes common words from your URL and leaves highly relevant words.[/li][li]InspectorNow.com Your new site will be listed here for free, forever.[/li][li]InspectorLocator.com Your new site will be listed here for free, forever.[/li][li]FindanInspector.us Your new site will be listed here for free, forever.[/li][li]InspectorSEEK.com Your new site will be listed here for free, forever.[/li][li]Support Page. Includes video instruction.[/li][li]Customized logo design services. Get a great-looking logo for your website.[/li][li]Full-time technical support at no extra cost. We’ll help you every step of the way![/li][li]and much, much more…[/li][/LIST]

Hello everyone,

If you have any questions or wish to speak with me over the phone my number is (720-369-1144)



I emailed you back on the 9th of Decemeber about helping with my web site that you have offered thru NACHI. I haven’t heard a response yet. What is up

Very Good Question Ron ! Go to Dominic at Home Inspector Pro, he won’t ignore you, plus will give you the best site(s), service around ! ! :slight_smile:

Ronald, I’m going to have Dan make your site beautiful on Monday. Also, forward the email to me at fastreply@nachi.org please.

Hey Ron,

I just checked Danny’s email, and can confirm that he responded to you that day. I’m going to get in touch with our email service provider—can you double-check that his message didn’t get marked as spam? I want to make sure that our support emails are getting through to everyone!



If I go to InspectorPages, I understand I can keep my domain name. I have good google rankings on a lot of my web content. what happens to that? do I start over? I really like the possibility of being able to change or update my page content myself but quite frankly, my fear is I will lose the market I have built up and maybe even some independence. Can you clarify this for a non-techie?

Sure thing, William!

When you switch to InspectorPages, you can use your existing domain name. We can help you import your old site on to InspectorPages, and set up what are called 301 redirects to make sure all your pages keep the same SEO value. 301 redirects are a very important tool in SEO, and InspectorPages makes it as easy as typing in the old URL and new new one. When someone clicks a link to your old URL, they’ll automatically be redirected to the new URL in a way that preserves the SEO value of that link (“link juice”).

Feel free to email Danny at support@inspectorpages.com and he can get started on your site. You don’t have to move things over until it’s up and running.

Thanks, Chris. Sorry to be such a pest, but what about formatting? Can I keep my current page layout or do I need to pick from the ones you have?

No problem, Will! You won’t be able to keep the exact formatting, but Danny can set you up with something that’s similar, and actually even a little better than what you have. We can use your colors/layout/images/logos, but we might move things around a little.

A good example is that right now all the links in your sidebar are images (Home, Qualifications, etc). That means that search engines aren’t seeing the text in those links. Right now, Google sees “Image7”. We’d change it so that they saw “My Qualifications” instead. This will help improve your SEO, and make your site more accessible.

Well, I guess I’m out of objections and that rarely happens. I’ll get the ball rolling. Thanks!

Happy to help :slight_smile: