Free Inspector site design at


My name is Virginia, and I am a new employee with InterNACHI. I’m here to help members build inspector websites at, and am looking for a guinea pig who would like to have their website built by me. This service is free, and the website that I build for you at is also free, along with the hosting for your page. Please reply here if you are interested in this free service.

I’ll be the guinea pig. Let’s see what ya got!

Bobby are you having any luck with your different websites for different cities? I only have one website and it ranks very good in the search engines. I was thinking about building another site for a larger city about 30 miles away from me. I hate to go through all that work and it does not give me a return.

Thanks, Bobby!

Do you currently have an account on If not, please set up an account, selecting that you’d like to have a website. The site will send you a confirmation email to confirm your website, and once you’ve clicked on the link in that, it will send you another confirmation email with your new password. If you don’t receive these emails, check your spam folder, as they may end up there.

Once you have your username and password, please send them to me in a p.m. (or shoot me an email at, and I can start building your inspector website.

Also, it would be great if you could tell me information that you’d like to see on your website. I can add in article information from as well as logos from There are 100 layout templates to choose from, and I would be happy to select one for you based on how you’d like your site to look. Or, you are welcome to leave the site design up to me, or scroll through the templates and pick your own, just let me know what sounds best to you.

As you are an official guinea pig, I’ll be posting the progress of your site as it’s built, as well as using your website as a guide to creating instructions for other Inspectors to easily create their own websites.


Thanks Virginia, If there are ant spots left count me in :slight_smile:

They’re just starting to come around to page1. But it takes time. The goal is to dominate page 1 and kick everyone else off no matter where you search.:mrgreen:


I’ll set you up for spot #2! Once Bobby’s site is done, I’ll send you a message and get started with you.


Count me too, Virginia, if you would please!

Sounds good, JBraun, you’re #3 on my list!


How many do you need. I will help out.

You have a PM Virginia, and free run to design the site so that others can see what you offer without limitations.

Thank You so much:)

I need all the help I can get

Well, at this point I’ll be doing the InspectorPages2 sites one at a time, but I’m definitely looking to make a bunch of sites! I’ll add you to the list for a free site.


Could you add me to that list? I havn’t started inspecting yet, but intend to within the next couple of months. That would be very cool.:cool:

Welcome to the team Virginia. I’m game if you are. I have any number of domains that you can work with.

Welcome Virginia !!!

Jeffrey R. Jonas
Owatonna, Minnesota

Please add me to your growing list!!!

I’ve got everyone added to my list, thanks for the interest!

Just to let folks know, Inspectorpages2 is in beta mode right now, so I’m working through bugs and it might be a bit of time before these sites are up. If anyone hasn’t seen my other post, I can create a site at (a more basic site) and have that up really quickly.

Also, if you don’t already have a website listed there, I can also add your new website to your profile page (or you can do it yourself by logging into your account on and editing your profile there). This will give your website visibility on over 4500 pages!